Close Grip Lat Pulldown: Muscles Worked, Alternative Form, Benefits

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The close grip lat pulldown, also known as close grip front lat pulldown, is an effective compound exercise that not just hits your lats but also increases strength throughout your entire back. It assists in emphasizing your middle back while the close-grip position is useful for increasing your elbow’s range of motion. A common belief among gym goers is that the narrow grip lat pulldown is more beneficial for your arms as compared to the wide grip, which is more of a lat workout.

Close Grip Lat Pulldown Exercise Information

Other Names Close Grip Pulldown, Close Grip Cable Pulldown
Exercise Type Strength
Skill Level Beginner
Equipment Needed Lat pulldown machine with cable
Muscles Worked Primary: Lats; Secondary: Arms, shoulders, abs, middle back
Mechanics Compound
Force Pull (Bilateral)
Alternative Forms/Substitute Chin Ups, Pull Ups

How to do Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown

  • Sit on a lat-pulldown machine and have a straight-bar attachment positioned at the top. Keep the knee pads suitably placed for your height.
  • Extend your arms over the head to hold the bar, with your palms facing forward and the hands spaced out 3-5 inches apart, which is smaller than the shoulder width.
  • Maintain an arch in the lower back by bringing your torso back and sticking the chest out. It is the starting position.
  • Pull the bar down so that it just touches the upper chest. Squeeze your back muscles after achieving the full contraction.
  • Pause for a second, press your shoulder blades, and then reverse the movement to lift the bar to the initial position. Here, your lats should be fully stretched and arms completely extended.
  • Do the recommended number of reps by repeating the movement.

Close Grip Lat Pulldown

Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown Tips

  • Control the weight all through the movement and do not pull the bar using your forearms.
  • Do not allow your head to stick out as you pull.
  • Sit tall and avoid rounding the upper back.

Video: Close Grip Lat Pulldown Proper Form

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