Lying Leg Raises: Benefits, How to Do, and Variations

By , November 21st, 2016 | Abs workouts | 0 Comments

The lying leg raise or lying straight leg raise is probably the first ab exercise that your trainer hands out to you when you step into your gym. It is a fat burning exercise that isolates the abs excellently, more so the lower abs.

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Tom Hardy’s Bronson, Bane and Warrior Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By , November 11th, 2016 | Celebrities, Personal Training | 0 Comments

Tom Hardy is known for the alpha male roles that he has donned over the years, and a lot of that has come because of his stone-carved body. He has bulked up for roles like Charles Bronson in Bronson and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and has got ripped for roles like Tommy Conlon in Warrior.

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Kate Hudson Workout, Diet, Body Stats, Weight Loss

By , November 8th, 2016 | Celebrities, Personal Training | 0 Comments

The adorable Kate Hudson (born on 19th April 1979), is one of the most talented American actresses known for her roles in movies like Almost Famous, Bride Wars, You, Me and Dupree, Raising Helen, The Skeleton Key, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, etc. The 37-year-old blonde bombshell being blessed with an incredibly hot body, sculpted abs, toned legs, and green eyes looks stunning in all types of clothes.

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What to Eat After a Workout: Best Post-Workout Foods

By , October 31st, 2016 | Nutrition | 0 Comments

Regularly hitting the gym and putting effort into your exercises is just half the work done. If you expect to gain muscle and speed up recovery from your workouts, consume the right post-workout foods and drinks to make the workout count. Having good food after a workout is just as crucial as your fitness routine.

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42 Inspirational Quotes to Help Achieve Your Running Goals

By , October 20th, 2016 | Motivation | 0 Comments

Sometimes you may easily find the inspiration to go out for a run in the morning or to set off for a long distance run on a hot day. However, there are some days when motivation is hard to find; it just isn’t there. At times you need that extra bit of external motivation to get you moving and push you through your next run.

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Liquid Diet for Weight Loss: Benefits, Types, Foods, Meal Plan

By , October 17th, 2016 | Losing Weight, Nutrition | 0 Comments

As the name implies, liquid diets provide all or most of the calories from drinks. While some liquid diets replace all the meals with fruit juices or vegetable shakes taken 3-4 times a day, others substitute only 1-2 meals with drinks.

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Jackknife Sit Ups Exercise (V Ups): What is it and How to do

By , October 14th, 2016 | Abs workouts | 1 Comment

The core is at the root of every exercise we do. Training other parts of the body and having a weak core is like furnishing a house that has an unstable base. Including the jack knife ab exercise in your training routine will make you burn some serious calories.

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Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curls: Benefits, How to do, Video

By , October 4th, 2016 | Bicep workouts, Workout Basics | 0 Comments

The bicep is one of the most sought-after muscle groups that most gym goers want to develop. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, your fitness trainer will always include biceps exercises in your training program. The alternate hammer curls or alternating hammer curls is one such workout that will help you in building bigger biceps.

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45 Weight Loss Motivation Quotes for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

By , October 1st, 2016 | Motivation | 1 Comment

According to the American athlete Jim Ryun, you need some motivation to get started, but to get yourself going, you need to develop a healthy habit. But if you have missed a week’s workout or blown your diet, it takes a little inspiration to get back on track.

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Low Carb Indian Diet Menu: High Protein and Low Sugar Food

By , September 28th, 2016 | Nutrition | 1 Comment

Low carb diets are the ones that restrict carbohydrates coming from pasta, bread, and sugary foods. Studies have shown that low carb diets help in losing weight thereby improving your health. Although the complex carbs are considered healthy for your body, Indian low carb meals are planned such that the caloric requirement is met mostly through fats and proteins. Fat is an excellent source of calories though its consumption should be restricted.

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