Gigi Hadid Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Body Measurements

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When it
comes to fitness, there is probably none fitter than Gigi Hadid in the fashion
industry. The 24-year-old American supermodel strictly follows her workout
routine even when she is traveling. Although you might be spellbound by her
beautiful face and blonde curls, Gigi’s toned abs and legs are something to
envy at. Here we share the training program and diet plan that the Victoria’s Secret angel follows to keep her body beautiful and healthy.

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Jennifer Lopez Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Body Measurements

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Lynn Lopez, nicknamed JLO, is perhaps the most celebrated Latin actress turned
singer and dancer in the United States. Aside from being regarded as one of the
most influential people in the world, Lopez has received a star on the Walk of Fame and the Billboard Icon Award for her
contributions in the music industry. Just like her acting and singing skills, the
49-year-old World of Dance judge is
also known for her beautifully-shaped booty. Here we share how Lopez has
managed to stay fit and sexy throughout the years.

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Ashley Graham Workout, Diet Plan, Body Measurements

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Fitness has
always been a priority for the plus size supermodel Ashley Graham. She started
her modeling career at 14 years of age and has been working hard to shatter the
traditional conception about body shape, health, and wellness. The 31-year-old America’s Next Top Model judge, who
appeared on the cover of Sports
Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Vogue,
is a leading promoter of the body positivity movement. Although she has been criticized
on several occasions for “promoting obesity” and then “not looking as curvy as
she once did”, her recently toned body has inspired many followers.

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Mike Tyson Workout Routine, Boxing Training, Diet Plan

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Gerard Tyson, nicknamed “Iron Mike” and “Kid Dynamite” in the early stages of
his career, and later called “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” is one of the
greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. The 52-year-old former professional
boxer holds the record “third longest undisputed championship reign” and was
the youngest man to simultaneously win the WBA, WBC, and IBF world titles at
the age of 20. Known for his ferocious boxing style, he was one of the greatest
punchers and hardest hitters in heavyweight boxing history. His great power, as
well as the ability to knock out even the toughest of opponents, is what made him
one of the most feared fighters.

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CT Fletcher’s Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Motivational Tips

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CT Fletcher,
popularly known as the “Superman of Compton,” might not have won any Mr.
Olympia titles but he is certainly the man to turn to for advice and motivation.
The 59-year-old former bodybuilder and powerlifter knows a thing or two about
building a monstrous physique. As the three-time winner of both World Bench
Press Championship and World Strict Curl Championship, Fletcher has millions of
subscribers to his training and motivation videos on YouTube. If you want to
grow huge muscles, then follow CT’s training regimen which we have shared

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Tom Brady Workout Routine, Diet Plan, and Body Measurements

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Edward Patrick Brady Jr., better known as Tom Brady, is a quarterback for the
New England Patriots of the American National Football League. With accolades like
six Super Bowl championships, four Super Bowl MVPs, and three NFL MVPs, Brady is
considered to be one of the best quarterbacks in the history of NFL. Even at the
age of 41, Brady had managed to stay as quick and explosive as he was when he
started. So what does the 14-time Pro Bowl winner do to keep his body in such
incredibly athletic shape?

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Demi Lovato Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Body Measurements

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Devonne Lovato started her career as an actor on the children’s TV series Barney & Friends and then bagged her
breakthrough role in Disney’s Camp Rock
and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam in
2008 and 2010. Eventually, she worked her
way into the music industry by releasing her debut album Don’t Forget in 2008. On top of all the career stats, Demi has an amazing body to envy at. Here, we are going to find out how the 26-year-old actress-turned-singer
manages to stay in such top shape.

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Kim Kardashian Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Body Measurements

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If you are
one of the tens of millions of followers that Kim Kardashian West has on
Instagram and Twitter, then you are most likely aware that the 38-year-old KUWTK star is a fitness enthusiast. She
has always been famous for her sculpted, hourglass body shape. Kim has made
several public appearances in skintight outfits in the recent times, and her body has looked even better, a
transformation for which she credits her trainer Melissa Alcantara. Here we
share how Kim had successfully managed to
further refine her incredible figure.

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Terry Crews’ Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Body Measurement

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Terry Alan
Crews has always been known for his big
buff physique, whether he is gunning down an unfriendly mob in Expendables or performing a comedy scene
as Terry Jeffords in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
The 50-year-old White Chicks star, being
a former NFL linebacker, typically had an athletic body. After retiring from
NFL in 1997, he gained some weight from emotionally eating burgers and had to join a gym to shed those extra pounds and
improve his fitness. Here we share the workout regimen he followed to get into
the shape of Hale Caesar for The
Expendables series.

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Gal Gadot’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan for Wonder Woman

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The gorgeous
Wonder Woman, with her slender body,
long and slim legs, agility and strength, slaying the enemy and saving the
world from bad guys left all her fans awestruck. Well, we are talking about Gal
Gadot, the 33-year-old former Miss Israel who had played the titular role in Wonder Woman (2017). To fit into the
role of a tough superhero, Gadot had to train intensely like an athlete. Here
we share how the Justice League
actress managed to achieve such a ripped physique.

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