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Big list of Best Cold Weather Running Gears for Women

By , September 15th, 2015 | Cardio Info | 0 Comments

Exercise or workout should be done regularly as it’s a means of physical rehabilitation. Regular exercises are essential for women because it lessen the emotional disorders by giving a person sense of control. By getting involved in exercises women stay more longer in this world as compared to other who do not stay active at all. Heart becomes stronger due to exercise as it can pump more blood through the body. Women should get involved in all kind of exercises be it upper body exercise or lower body exercise or body building exercises be it anything. Women should indulge in regular work out as it helps to alleviate depression and all kinds of stress. Women who stays healthy and …

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Tips for Running in Cold Weather with Asthma

By , September 9th, 2015 | Cardio Info | 0 Comments

Is running in cold weather bad for asthma?

tips for running cold weather

Running is one of the great sport in which you can indulge in all year around. Whether the temperature is chilly or hot and humid. In fact running in cold weather boasts extra body benefits. You are free to run anywhere or anytime, be it treadmill or park. People usually prefer to stay on their beds and couch when its freezing outside just because of their lazy attitude. And during winter there is some increase in appetite automatically, so at that time people love eating and staying inactive. Well, there are numerous benefits of running and it would actually help to …

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