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Narrow Stance Hack Squat with Machine: What is it, How to do

What is Narrow Stance Hack Squat

A variation of the traditional hack squat, the narrow stance hack squat is an effective lower-body workout used for developing your thigh muscles. It involves the backward movement of your hips and then bending your knees to lower the weight, after which you are required to return to your upright position.

Narrow Stance Hack Squat

Narrow Stance Hack Squat Benefits

  • It targets and activates your quadriceps more than some of the other forms of hack squats.
  • Since it is performed with a narrow stance, it gives stability to your thigh muscles.

Narrow Stance Hack Squat Exercise Information

Exercise Type Strength
Skill Level Intermediate
Equipment Needed Hack Squat Machine
Muscles Worked Primary: Quadriceps; Secondary: Hamstrings, calves, glutes, adductors, lower back
Mechanics Compound
Force Type Push (bilateral)
Alternative Forms/Substitute Dumbbell Squat, Hack Squat with Machine

How to do Narrow Stance Hack Squat

  • Position yourself with your back supported against the pad of the hack squat machine and your shoulders hooked beneath the shoulder pads.
  • Keep your legs spaced at a distance less than your shoulder width, preferably 3 inches apart, with your toes pointed out.
  • Disengage the safety handles by moving them from the front position to the diagonal position.
  • Straighten your legs and make sure not to lock your knees. It is your initial position.
  • Start lowering the weight by bending your knees while keeping your back straight and supported against the pad. Continue the movement downward until your upper legs make an angle of less than 90-degrees with your calves. Perform this movement while breathing in.
  • As you breathe out, raise the unit and return to the initial position by pushing the floor using the heels of the feet.
  • Repeat the abovementioned steps for the recommended number of reps.

Narrow Stance Hack Squat Tips

  • Ensure the head is up throughout the movement and it should not stick out forward excessively.
  • Push through the balls or the heels of your feet for emphasizing the quads and the glutes respectively.
  • You may experiment and adjust your toe angle based on how you feel.

Video: Proper form of Narrow Stance Hack Squat

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