Seated Barbell Curl: What is it, How to do, Muscles Worked

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What are Seated Barbell Curls

The seated barbell curl is one of the most effective arm workouts that helps in increasing strength and promotes the growth of your biceps. The exercise involves an explosive starting force, which must continue until the full range of motion is completed.

Seated Barbell Curl

Benefits of Seated Barbell Curl

  • It assists in fully activating your biceps brachii muscle to the point of maximum exhaustion seldom experienced with any other arm workouts.
  • Unlike the standing barbell curl, the seated variation targets your biceps muscles more than your forearms.

Seated Barbell Curl Exercise Information

Other Names Seated Bicep Curl with Barbell
Exercise Type Strength
Skill Level Beginner, intermediate
Equipment Needed Barbell
Muscles Worked Primary: Biceps; Secondary: None
Mechanics Isolation
Force Type Pull
Alternative Forms/Substitute Concentration Curls, Barbell Preacher Curl, Cable Preacher Curl
Variations Seated Close Grip Barbell Curl, Seated EZ Bar Curl

How to do Seated Barbell Curl

  • After sitting on a flat bench, grab a barbell and place it on your thighs.
  • Make sure your back is straight while the knees and feet spaced closer than your shoulders. Hold the barbell with your hands spaced at your shoulder width using a supinated grip (underhand grip). It is your initial position.
  • Bending at your elbows, raise the bar off your thighs and curl it up until the barbell is at your shoulder level and the biceps are completely contracted.
  • Pausing for a second at the contracted position, squeeze the biceps and slowly lower the barbell to your initial position.
  • Repeat the steps for the desired amount of reps.

Seated Barbell Curl Tips

  • Avoid swinging the weight throughout the exercise. The movement should be slow and controlled.
  • Keep the elbows tucked in at your sides without allowing them to come forward.
  • While curling the barbell up, keep your back fixed and straight.

Video: Seated Barbell Curl Proper Form

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