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Alternating Kettlebell Floor Press Exercise: How to do, Benefits, Types

Building raw upper-body strength is a common objective among gym goers. And if bench pressing is your goal, you can supplement your lifting routine by using the alternating floor press. It is a type of compound exercise that works your lats, stabilizers, and core without increasing pressure on your lower back, keeping pain at bay.

This variation of floor press workout is beneficial for those with finicky shoulders because it limits the range of motion, putting less stress on their shoulder joints.

Alternating Kettlebell Floor Press Information

Other Names Alternating Floor Press, Kettlebell Floor Press
Exercise Type Strength
Skill Level Beginner
Equipment Needed Kettlebell
Primary Muscle Worked Chest
Secondary Muscles Used Shoulders, Triceps, Abdominals
Mechanics Compound
Force Push

Video: Alternating Floor Chest Press Workout

How to do Alternating Kettlebell Floor Press

  • Lie on the surface holding two kettlebells at your shoulder level.
  • Place the kettlebells on your chest by gripping them with your palms facing forward.
  • Press the weights above your chest by extending your arms until they are locked out.
  • Lower one of the weights to your chest, turning the wrist in a direction of the other kettlebell.
  • Raise the weight and then repeat the steps on the other side.
Alternating Floor Press

Single Arm Floor Press

  • Lie on the flat surface grabbing one kettlebell so that your upper arm is supported by the surface and the palm is facing in.
  • Extend your arm and rotate the wrist, pressing the kettlebell towards the ceiling.
  • Lower it down to the initial position.
  • Do the desired number of reps.
Single Arm Kettlebell Floor Press

Alternating Floor Press Tips

  • Keep your core muscles and abs tight for more strength and stability.
  • In the one arm version, start doing the reps with your weaker arm.
  • Avoid jerky movements to lessen muscle tension.

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