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How to do Flat Dumbbell Press (Dumbbell Bench Press)

What is Flat Dumbbell Press (Dumbbell Bench Press)

The dumbbell bench press or flat dumbbell press is arguably one of the most popular gym exercises used for complete chest development. When incorporated into a training regimen, it is usually performed in combination with barbell press since it helps you develop your whole pectoral and shoulder region, giving you a muscular and balanced chest.

Flat Dumbbell Press Benefits

  • As compared to barbell bench press, the dumbbell flat press is better, safer, and has fewer joint consequences.
  • While doing the dumbbell press, there is little or no chance of rebounding or bouncing the dumbbells off the chest like it is when performing the barbell press.
  • Using dumbbells for bench pressing improves the range of motion.

Flat Dumbbell Press Exercise Information

Other Names Flat Bench Dumbbell Press
Exercise Type Strength
Skill Level Beginner
Equipment Needed Dumbbell
Muscles Worked Primary: Chest; Secondary: Shoulders, triceps
Mechanics Compound
Force Type Push (bilateral)
Alternative Forms/Substitute Alternating Floor Press, Barbell Bench Press, Incline Dumbbell Press

How to do Flat Dumbbell Press (Dumbbell Bench Press)

  • Sit on a flat bench, hold two dumbbells, and keep them in the resting position on top of the thighs so that your palms are facing each other.
  • Push your thighs up to assist in raising the weights. Lift the dbs up and hold them at your shoulder
  • Make sure that your palms face away from you by rotating your wrists forward. Keep the dumbbells positioned at the sides of the chest while creating an angle of 90 degrees between your upper arm and forearm. It is the initial position.
  • Press the dbs up with the help of your chest to lockout position at the top of the movement. Squeeze your chest and hold the position for a second.
  • Slowly lower the weights under control.
  • Repeat the steps for the required number of reps of your training regimen.

Caution: Instead of dropping the weights to your side, twist them back to a neutral position so that your palms face each other. Bring the knees up until the dumbbells touch your thighs, and then push your torso up along with performing a kick forward with the legs. The momentum of the movement will help in getting back to the sitting position. Transfer the dumbbells from the top of the thighs to the floor.

Flat Dumbbell Press (Dumbbell Bench Press)

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press Tips

  • Do not lock out your elbows entirely, as it will help in maintaining more tension through your pectoral muscles.
  • Do not let the dumbbells collide or bounce off each other because it might injure your shoulders.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together to make sure that your shoulders remain safe.

Video: Flat Dumbbell Press Proper Form

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