Bosu Ball Push Ups Exercises: How to do, Muscles Worked, Benefits

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Bosu ball push up or bosu pushup is an effective strength-gaining workout performed with a Bosu balance trainer, which is a fitness training equipment consisting of a rubber hemisphere with a rigid platform. Used by people of all ages including beginners and pro athletes to perform balance training, the Bosu ball offers an unstable surface on a stable device and vice versa.

What are Bosu Ball Push Ups Good For

While doing bosu push up, you need to engage your core, chest, and shoulder muscles for balancing your body. Aside from toning your muscles, it helps you to develop a stronger core and build greater stability than any other exercise.

Bosu Ball Push Ups

Bosu Ball Push Up Workout Information

Exercise Type Strength
Skill Level Intermediate
Equipment Needed Bosu Ball
Primary Muscle Worked Chest
Secondary Muscles Used Abs, triceps, shoulders, deltoids
Mechanics Compound
Alternative Exercises General pushup, Swiss ball pushup, Suspended pushup, Triple-stop pushup, T pushup

How to do Bosu Ball Push Ups Correctly

  • Place the bosu ball or half-ball on the floor so that it is facing down upon its dome.
  • Lie down in a prone position, keeping your body straight and your hands on the flat side of the ball so that the upper body is supported properly. This will be the starting position.
  • Brace your glutes and core muscles. Lower your torso by bending the elbows so that your chest almost touches the ball. Make sure that your hips are not raised or bent.
  • At the bottom position of the movement, extend your elbows to push yourself back to the initial position.

Bosu Ball Push Up Tips

  • Keep your core tight and back flat throughout the entire movement.
  • Do not spread out your elbows to the sides while lowering your body.

Bosu Ball Push Up Video

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