Cable Rope Hammer Curl Exercise for Making Your Arms Bigger

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When it comes to building massive biceps and forearms, cable rope hammer curl is an effective isolation workout that targets the brachialis and brachioradialis along with stabilizing parts of the deltoids and the trapezius muscles. It is an integral part of any workout routine that is designed for building muscle strength.

Cable Rope Hammer Curls Benefits

Aside from helping you to gain upper body strength, cable hammer curls tone the major muscle groups of your forearms, arms, and deltoids. The cable rope aids in the upward movement, allowing you to squeeze up the biceps for a maximum contraction. It also assists in strengthening your grip since you are required to hold the rope tightly with the palms facing inward while performing the exercise.

Cable Rope Hammer Curl

Cable Hammer Curls Exercise Information

Other Names Cable Hammer Curls with Rope Attachment
Exercise Type Strength
Skill Level Beginner
Equipment Needed Adjustable Cable Machine
Primary Muscle Worked Biceps
Secondary Muscles Used Forearms
Mechanics Isolation
Force Pull
Alternative Exercises Alternate Dumbbell Hammer Curl, Hammer Curls, Cross-Body Dumbbell Hammer Curl

How to do Cable Rope Hammer Curl

  • Stand facing an adjustable cable machine about one foot away from it, and attach a cable rope to a low-pulley.
  • Grab the rope using a neutral grip with your palms facing inward while standing straight, keeping your torso and the arch of your back still.
  • Put your elbows close to your side, keeping them stationary throughout the movement. This is your starting position.
  • Use your biceps to curl the arms upward until your forearms touch the biceps.
  • Pause for a second while squeezing your biceps at the top of the movement, and gradually bring the ropes back to the starting position.
  • Do the desired number of repetitions.

Cable Rope Hammer Curl Workout Tips

  • Do the exercise in a controlled way so that your momentum does not contribute to the movement.
  • While keeping the elbows tucked in by your side and moving the forearms, make sure your upper arms remain stationary.
  • Brace your core muscles and do not hyperextend your back during the movement.

Cable Rope Hammer Curl Video

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