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6 Exercises To Do While Pregnant

Can you exercise while pregnant?

exercises during pregnancy

Today women are all rounder as well as multi tasking. Women are surrounded by lots and lots of responsibilities in their day to day life. They have concentrate on the aspects of society like family, job, personal needs to take a back seat to other concerns. They have lots and lots of pressure to tackle with. For that they need self motivation to boost their self confidence. Women need to exercise on daily basis for the sense of self accomplishment which leads to their personal growth, personal care and self esteem. Exercise is one of the most important part of everybody’s life. According to me its one of the important component of one’s quality life. I would like to recommend it to every one to all the housewives or working lady.

I would take the benefits of exercising beyond health. Although women are quite busy these days but regular exercise helps to alleviate depression and boost your immune system. Women who are physically and mentally fit during and before pregnancy often have less severe back pain and labor pain. Dear super women’s! you can take or do workout / exercise as an recreational activity. Working out daily would be quite helpful for building resistance and ability to manage pain even during pregnancy. Women who do exercise during pregnancy are healthy enough to produce healthy child with less pain. It helps to strengthen your muscle. Regular exercise or physical activity can help keep you thinking, learning, and judgmental skills sharp according to your age. People who maintain active and healthy lifestyle by balancing their workout schedule and proper diet have 45% lower risk of developing heart disease compared to inactive or sedentary people.

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

During pregnancy exercise is must. There are even more reasons to keep moving during pregnancy, even if you haven’t had an exercise routine in the past. Daily exercise reduce the risk of pregnancy complications. Women should participate in fitness program at least 3 to 4 times a week. Working out daily reduce the or lessen the delivery complications. Women who workout at least 4 times a week gain less weight during pregnancy and were less likely to have heavy babies
 (more than 9 pounds). Having a baby more than 9 pounds can lead to complications for both mother and the baby during pregnancy. The faster or rigorous workout regime be , the more you will increase the pregnancy fitness, the faster you will recover physically. Women who exercise on daily basis recover quite faster from the labor pain as compared to other women who keep aloof themselves from working out. One more thing I would like to mention that women are more susceptible to depression as compared to men, Especially during pregnancy. But exercise during pregnancy boost your mood while diminishing stress and anxiety.

Lower blood pressure is mostly seen among pregnant women which is quite harmful for the baby and mother too! Staying active or lets say walking regularly can work wonders to keep your blood pressure normal. When a women gets pregnant, that growing baby bump puts extra weight or pressure on your body especially on your lower back part which leads to severe back pain. But exercising on regular basis will help you to lessen your back pain as compared to others who are not indulged in workouts! Exercising daily can make a big difference in your energy level even in your pregnancy, which will off course lead to less exertion. Pregnant women who exercise on daily basis can sleep peacefully compared to other women. During pregnancy women face extremely hard time when it comes to sleeping, and those who exercise consistently can sleep well and have quality sleep, and exercise will keep you charged and energized. There are many potential benefits of exercising during pregnancy for your baby.

yoga exercises during pregnancy

Women as they as quite garrulous and talkative! That’s the fact! Sorry if you feel bad. For you exercise can be more interesting if you use the time to chat with your exercising partner. Try to join fitness centers or yoga classes which are especially for pregnant women, there you would obviously discuss your problems and complications and ask for suggestions / advices from other ladies! Regular exercise can help you cope with the physical changes of pregnancy and built stamina for the challenges ahead. And if you haven’t been exercising regularly, use pregnancy as your motivation to begin to keep yourself physically fit, mentally sound as well as your child healthy. During pregnancy woman have greater risk of cardio vascular diseases and diabetics. Everyone including pregnant women who exercises daily tend to have lower risk of heart diseases. Lower heart rates can be a sign of an efficient heart because higher heart rates have been linked to greater risk of heart diseases.

Dear women and pregnant women too! Please indulge yourself in active schedule and most importantly spare your personal time for some workout session at least for 30 minutes. Trust me results are incredible! And one of the most essential thing if you exercise daily, after birth of your child till the age of 6 years if their hearts are pumping blood more efficiently, it means your baby child is healthy. Congratulations! Being active on a regular basis can help you to maintain a healthy weight in pregnancy, which may help you to feel better about your changing body.

These days women are quite conscious about their “perfect figure with natural curves”. But my dear ladies, let me tell you one thing making excuses to skip your workout schedule or no matter how much busy you are with your household chores or family or be it any thing, just make some time for it! It won’t harm you, instead you will be blessed with your healthy baby and your fit body with natural curves. Doctor’s used to tell pregnant women to rest as much as possible, but now we all know that’s incorrect because a sedentary lifestyle during pregnancy is associated with excessive weight gain that could result in diabetes, depression, cardio vascular issues and many other complications. Many women also suffers from peri-natal depression, exercise helps to curb it out too! During pregnancy, women face lots of mental stress for her baby, sometimes they start expecting their child very soon, in this case it also harms the mental state of a child. Exercise during pregnancy helps reduce stress and also prevents peri-natal depression and alleviates anxiety. Dear women! Don’t ever forget that you’re exercising for the health of your baby and to be in shape for labor and delivery. This adds whole new layer of motivation, Stay motivated!

Exercises to do while pregnant

Walking – Even if you have never exercised a day in your life, a quick stroll in the neighborhood park is a great way to start. Simply by walking you’ll get a cardio vascular workout, without too much impact on your knees and ankles and you can do it any time. And maintaining a healthy body during pregnancy can also reduce common pregnancy complaints like back pain and labor pain. Most or you can say some of the exercises can be strenuous for pregnant women. Walking is one exercise which is fun, easy and needs no equipment or special planning, except good pair of walking shoes. Walking helps to maintain weight and reduce cholesterol leading to balance in the blood pressure levels during pregnancy. Here are some of the tips for pregnant women before walking – Never walk too fast, Be comfortable at your own pace, always keep a bottle of water, don’t go outside in hot and humid weather for a walk.

Yoga – Yoga is quite helpful as it strengthens your muscle system, stimulates circulation and help you to relax. It will help you to stay calm. Prenatal yoga strengthen our hips, back, arms and shoulders. Yoga helps to calm nervous system, through deep breathing which leads to relaxation. We tend to sleep better and our immune system becomes balanced. When a person is doing yoga he/she is involved in conscious breathing during each pose. As you deeply exhale and inhale you will be in practice and it’s a kind of preparation of labor pain. It actually helps to soothe labor pain. Prenatal yoga increases blood circulation in the body. Increment in blood circulation within our bodies lessen swelling and increases our immunity. It helps in creating healthy environment for the baby.

swimming for pregnancy women

Swimming – swimming or water aerobics may just be the perfect pregnancy workout for women because in water you weigh tenth of what you do on land, so you will feel more lighter. As pregnant women are not advised to stay outside in hot and humid weather, so I guess swimming is the best option for your body and bulging belly. It will strengthen your stomach muscles and you will feel hydrated. Swimming makes you feel cool, lighter and not lose too much energy like other exercises, especially in summer. Swimming relieves form backache, it promotes blood to circulate in each and every part of body, it also helps in correcting fetus position making child birth easier.

Cycling – Cycling is wonderful way to break a sweat without putting pressure on your ankle and knee joints. You should prefer cycling at your own pace. Cycling is fun and time efficient activity. Regular cycling is a great exercise during pregnancy because it improves cardio vascular fitness. It can also help in easing child birth. It also helps in increasing stamina effectively. But if you ever feel dizziness, chest pain, or swelling immediately stop cycling and contact your doctor.

Running – Now, times are changed today doctor’s recommend healthy women, who have exercised frequently prior to pregnancy. Running helps to improve cardiovascular benefits, pregnancy weight gain, it also helps in reducing muscle cramps, mood stability. Women who run on regular basis during pregnancy are less likely to have big baby or caesarean section.

Exercises to do during pregnancy

First trimester – During your first phase of pregnancy you are too much tired and you feel unpredictably nauseous and scared too that too much or each move you make will harm your body as well as your baby too! For increasing your energy level. Exercises during pregnancy promises a host of health benefits. One more thing while exercising ensure that you are taking sufficient amount of water and rest according to your workout schedule.

1. Weight training – if you haven’t done any exercises or didn’t ever workout so please do your workout under supervision of experts. Weight training during pregnancy helps to strengthen your muscles and also helps to tone it. It strengthen abdomen, it makes it easier for you to get back into shape during your post pregnancy phases.

Second trimester – Doing exercise in the second phase of pregnancy helps you to sleep well at night and it also prevent from too much weight gain. You shouldn’t indulge yourself in rigorous exercises or workout, instead it should be “slow and steady”. You should always warm up before exercise and whenever you feel suffocated then please take rest.

2. Jogging – jogging is one of the best and easiest exercise during second trimester but it should be little slow and steady. During second trimester your uterus gets larger, this may also lead to lose your balance. And always try to jog on flat ground slowly.
Third trimester – During third trimester you body continue to grow and change and at this stage you may start feel aches and pain. During this phase many women take break from working out which is totally wrong. In this phase too! You need to work out for healthy delivery of baby. With exercise you should also focus on eating sufficient amount of food with right nutrients for healthy delivery of the baby.

3. Dumb bell shoulder press– it is also one of the important exercises during the phase of third trimester. You need to do it by using your right arm firstly then immediately do the same thin by second arm. It would help to strengthen your arms and shoulder muscles.

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