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Hanging Knee Raises: What is it, How to do, Types, Benefits

What is the Hanging Knee Raise

Hanging knee raises or hanging knee ups is a compound exercise that strengthens your core by targeting the lower abs, lower back, and hip flexors. The hanging knee raise, when correctly performed in combination with other abdominal workouts like crunches, will help in building six-pack abs.

Hanging Knee Raises Benefits

  • It is one of the best abs exercises that activate the entire core by working out not just your lower abs but also the upper abdominal muscles.
  • It helps in improving stability in your shoulders and the upper back.
  • It assists in building your forearms and challenges your grip strength.

Hanging Knee Up Exercise Information

Other Names Hanging Knee Lifts
Exercise Type Strength
Skill Level Intermediate
Equipment Needed Pullup Bar
Muscles Worked Primary: Abdominals; Secondary: Forearms, shoulders, hips, upper back
Mechanics Compound
Force Pull
Alternative Forms/Substitute Hanging Leg Raises
Variations Weighted Hanging Knee/Leg Raise, Twisting Hanging Knee Raise/Hanging Knee Raise to the Side

How to do the Hanging Knee Raises

  • Hang freely from a pullup bar using an overhand grip, keeping your hands at a shoulder-width distance. If you are tall, you need to increase the width to make sure that your feet do not touch the floor. It is your starting position.
  • Brace your core muscles and slowly pull your knees toward the shoulders while keeping the legs together.
  • Hold the position for a second when the top portion of your thighs touches your chest.
  • Lower your knees to return to the initial position.
  • Repeat until the desired number of reps is completed.
Hanging Knee Raises

Hanging Knee Raises Exercise Tips

  • You need to perform the movements slowly to reap the benefits of this exercise.
  • Keep your torso still and avoid any swinging movement of your body.
  • You may perform more advanced variations, including raising your knees to the side or placing a dumbbell between the feet.
  • Do not hyperextend your lower back to keep your spine flat throughout the entire exercise.

Video: Hanging Knee Raises Proper Form

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