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Incline Hammer Dumbbell Curls: Benefits, How to do, Pictures

Incline hammer curl or incline dumbbell hammer curl is one of the most common approaches to developing big biceps. Gym-goers are aware that there are few workouts better than the incline hammer curl when it comes to strengthening their muscles in the forearm and upper arm.

Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curls Benefits

The incline hammer curl engages your brachialis and brachioradialis, stabilizing the movement of your arms and accentuating their size. It also trains your flexor muscles, thereby improving grip strength. Moreover, you may combine dumbbell hammer curls with pull-ups or bent over rows for optimizing the development of the biceps.

Incline Hammer Curls

Incline Hammer Curl Exercise Information

Exercise Type Strength
Skill Level Beginner
Equipment Needed Dumbbell
Muscles Worked Primary: Biceps Secondary: Forearms
Mechanics Isolation
Force Pull

How to do Incline Hammer Curls

  • Sit on an incline bench after setting it up at an angle of 30-45 degree. Press firmly with your feet together to lay back on the padding.
  • Make sure that you hold a pair of dumbbells using a neutral grip so that your palms face your body and the dumbbells hang down at your side. This is your initial position for the exercise.
  • Keeping your upper arms stationary, slowly flex at the elbows and curl the weights up.
  • At the top of the motion pause for a moment, and gradually lower the dumbbells to return to the initial position.
  • Do the desired number of reps.

Incline Hammer Curl Workout Tips

  • Be sure not to move your elbows and upper arms throughout the movement.
  • Slow down the rep timing by lowering the weights in a controlled way.

Seated Incline Hammer Curls Video

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