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Best Abs Exercises for Men & Women (Workout Videos)

Today we are going to watch, learn some of the best abs exercises for men at home. Not only men, both men and women can try out these best ab workout without equipment and you can do at home. For men this can make some improvements to get six packs or whoever is trying to lose some belly fat. Women who’re looking out for some best abs exercise post pregnancy to reduce belly and bring it to flat abs can also get benefitted.

Can I do abs workout every day?

For weight training men and women, you need at least 48 hours between abs workouts. For people trying to reduce belly fat, you can do abs workout daily. Truth is, the abs is no different than other muscles, and they need recovery.

How often can I do ab workouts?

3 times a week is enough if you really work them. If you focus more on core exercises and compound exercises, you can be very strong on the abs part.

Best abs workout video for men & women

I wouldn’t do all of these at once. Pick one or two (preferably one plank, and one of the dynamic ones), and work on that after your regular workouts, 3 times a week.

Abs workout with body weights


Crunch with arms crossed

Bicycle crunch workout

Dragon flag

Hand walkouts

Side plank leg raise

Hanging knee to chest

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  1. Thank you for sharing useful information about abs workout.Your article really help to do more fitness workout for abs and your article is easy to understand and we can follow your tip mention in video. Thank you for writing this article.

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