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Pros and Cons of Breast Reduction Surgery – Before and After Pictures

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is generally important for those females who have got disproportionately large breasts. Due to this, I mean large breasts can also effect you by causing physical pains in lower back part of the body, waist or neck or other physical symptoms. In today’s generation every women want bigger breasts to show their curves but dear ladies let me tell you that excess of everything is bad. Abnormally enlarged breasts can lead to bad consequences. Large breasts can cause numerous of health problems that can make it difficult to function properly. There are many cases seen of severe back pain which is caused by large breasts. Having abnormally enlarged breasts means that there are much more weight on your body and chest too! Work which includes lifting or bending will be very difficult for you to handle. This can put lots and lots of strain on your back, which can lead to severe back pain. When you are unable to do your day to day activity due to back pain, it means it’s a very serious issue. If your breasts are causing you back pain and this is preventing you from things such as completing daily schedule, exercising, or being active, you should seek medical advice without any hesitation.

breast reduction surgery pics

Large breasts can also cause posture problems, I mean you won’t be able to stand or sit straight. Your body will automatically become stoop or tilted. Sitting or standing in a tilted manner because of large breasts can lead to under confidence. You won’t be able to feel confident enough when you are at your work place or with friends. It would lead to psychological effects or you can say that large breasts can have adverse effect on your mental health. A person having large breasts can cause you self – conscious, lessen your confidence leading to low esteem and bad body image. This can cause further issues such as depression and stress. And one more thing I would like to highlight that mental health issues are more serious as compared to physical health. Apart from back pain, posture problem, psychological issues large breasts can also lead to many skin problems, other type of body aches and pains too! So, dear folks please be attentive if there is any such case. Having larger breasts can also cause several skin complaints. Such as rashes, irritations underneath the breasts. That particular area can easily be infected if there is moisture.

Reasons to get breast reduction:

These problems are extremely annoying as they are itchy, sore, and it can also lead to negative impact on your life. Large breasts are solely responsible for numerous other kind of aches and pains. Headaches can also be seen frequently those who are having larger breasts. Please it’s a request that go for consultation and medical treatment if you face any of these and without hesitation. You should not allow your body to undergo such severe pain as they have long term psychological effects as well as physical effects.

Recently I was going through a magazine which discussed many health care issues and also included about breast reduction surgery. I was quite astonished as well as happy to know that there are more than 90,000 breast reduction cases every year in U.S. And most of the women who undergo this breast reduction surgery are satisfied with the results. And yes one more thing I would like to tell you that not only women are suffering from this issue of large breasts, many men are also facing the same thing and I am so happy to tell that they are also going for breast reduction surgery.

I know in India, it’s little difficult for women to go for it because of many issues such as family, society, and reputation. People in India are quite broad minded but still they term “menstruation” as a taboo! They also know that it’s a blessing but still you cannot help it out. Just because of these issues or you can say reasons women feel hesitated or they feel shy to discuss their problems but dear women please! Please! Go for it! By getting involved in breast reduction surgery you would establish an example for other women and it would also be helpful for them too! You can encourage them! And the most important thing is you will neither suffer from any physical disability nor any psychological issues. You will feel confident and you will be stress free. So dear ladies go for it and set an example for others. India is very diverse and versatile country as well as most importantly democratic so if you are facing any of these problems go for a medical treatment without any hesitation. It would help you to stay healthy and fit and maintain the right posture.

How to go about getting a breast reduction?

Before getting breast reduction surgery you need to go for a pre- operative consultation, in this surgeon will ask about whole of your medical history that if ever had breast surgery before or not or any prescribed medicines.
Doctor will also take your whole family history or you can say whole family medical history. And you need to be honest completely with your and your family medical history. You also need to discuss each and every part in detail . You need to disclose all your emotional issues or any other pain you are suffering from. If you are going for breast reduction surgery you need to tell about how have you been felt about your breast size. You will also learn about how to get prepared for the surgery for desired results and for fast recovery.

Breast reduction procedure :

Breast reduction surgery in performed to remove excess fat and skin from the breast. This technique is used to reduce the size of your breast will be determined by your individual condition, breast composition, amount of reduction desired and personal preferences and the surgeon’s advice. Here are the steps for breast reduction surgery.

  1. Anesthesia will be given firstly. Medications are administered for your comfort during breast reduction surgery. Doctor or surgeon will recommend the best choice of anesthesia.
  2. The incision lines remain visible and permanent scars, although usually well concealed beneath a swimsuit or bra.
  3. The next step involves removing tissue. After incision is made, the nipple is then repositioned. At that time breast tissue is reduced, lifted and shaped.
  4. The next step is closing the incisions. It is being closed after the re-shape of breasts.
  5. You can see the result of breast reduction surgery immediately. Slowly the incision lines and swelling will fade.

breast reduction surgery

What to expect after breast reduction surgery?

After breast reduction surgery you need to take at least two weeks rest but it varies person to person. You will be advised by the doctors and surgeons to fix an appointments to remove bandages. After breast reduction surgery you will see side effects like breast pain. And it is quite normal. To normalize your pain doctor or surgeon will provide antibiotic ointment and painkiller to ease you after few days of surgery. You will also start noticing scars on your breast but this is too normal. Because it would fade away after some time. And after breast reduction surgery you shouldn’t lift heavy objects as it would worsen the situation. Your doctor or surgeon will decide how long it will be before you can return to your normal life or normal level of activity. It is vitally important that you follow all patient care instructions provided by the surgeon.

Pros and Cons of breast reduction surgery :


Breast reduction surgery is 100% safe and its procedure is also effective. To ensure utmost protection individuals need to search or choose the most qualified surgeon to facilitate the surgery.

Breast reduction surgery provides great results. This procedure or technique of reducing larger breast is handled by professional surgeon. So patients do expect positive outcome.

Breast reduction surgery results into an ultimate comfort. Women with large breasts complain about pains and discomfort but after breast reduction surgery patient will surely be free from back pain, neck pain, psychological disorders or skin problem.

Breast reduction surgery yields to more proportional breasts. Women or men who are having large breasts can be bothersome. With the help of breast reduction surgery women can enjoy their ideal size of breast and well proportioned breasts.

It also boosts your self – confidence. Breast reduction surgery eliminate all the feeling self consciousness and embarrassments. Women feel confident and better about themselves. As a result they socialize more and more.

breast reduction before after pics


Breast reduction surgery causes many health issues like infections or many other complications. If the procedure of breast reduction surgery is not performed in an right way, it can pose serious threat to patient’s life.

After breast reduction surgery, patients are strictly not advised to do activities which include lifting heavy objects. Patients who have undergone breast reduction are also prohibited to take a bath. As it would affect in the very negative manner on patient’s health.

One of the most important thing is, breast reduction surgery is not an ideal option for breast feeding mom’s. As after breast reduction surgery nipples become numb making it difficult for mother’s to breastfeed.

As I mentioned above also scars is also one of the important issue after breast reduction surgery and these scars fade away extremely slowly. These scars remain visible even for longest years.

Patients are given anesthesia before breast reduction surgery but after the operation when patient becomes conscious patient feels severe pain.

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