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10 Best Outdoor Fitness Training Workouts for Women

What is the most important thing in your life? What are the things which you love the most? Well, answer varies from person to person. For some people most important thing is studies , for some it is job, for some it is traveling, for some it is cooking etc. And one more! Everyone loves eating. There are numerous things present in this world which carries their own importance. Such as: soiree, it has also its own importance. People really appreciate the sumptuous celebration, decorations and most importantly “the food”. I know everyone loves eating and even I do. But, only few tries to stay fit and healthy.

In present scenario, more than 600 hundred billion people are prone to cardio vascular diseases, hypertensions, diabetics etc. 70% people in metro’s are obese. Obesity, is more prevalent in the case of women. In the case of women, obesity negatively impacts the health of women in many ways. Obese women are prone to lower back pain and knee arthritis. Presently women between the age of 20 to 30 are mostly found obese. For women, increment in waist circumference and abdominal fat is really dangerous. Obesity also affects fertility throughout women’s life. It also affects menstrual cycle of women. Around 30 to 40% of women are suffering from abnormal menstrual cycle due to obesity. Obesity also leads to depression (it is mostly in the case of women as compared to men).

outdoor workout for women

According to me, without staying active or without working out, you cannot stay healthy and fit. And, if you are frequently prone to diseases, just because of your inactive schedule or sedentary lifestyle, you cannot pursue the things you love! Be it anything like – traveling, studying, cooking! You won’t be able to do anything if you aren’t fit.



You must have that spark and spontaneity to lead a healthy and stress free life. Healthy physique can only be maintained by working out on daily basis. One more important thing with exercise, you must indulge yourself with healthy edibles rather than processed foods. For people, with busy schedules, if you don’t get time for working out in gym, just eat healthy foods and try to use foot instead of vehicles’ and always use stairs instead of elevators.


1. Exercise helps in preventing you from excess weight gain. The more intense workout you do, you will burn more and more calories.

2. Exercise prevents you from numerous diseases like heart strokes, depression, hypertension, knee arthritis.

3. Exercise keeps us mentally fit and it stimulates brain, which helps us in staying happy. And one more thing I would like to add, after working out you will feel confident about your appearances’.

4. According to me, regular workout or physical activity helps to fall asleep faster.

5. You can gain good health or lead a healthy life with just 30 minutes of regular workouts.


Brisk walk.

Regular brisk walk reduces the risk of heart disease and heart stroke. Brisk walk keeps weight in check and helps to burn calories. It stimulates and strengthens bones and increase their density. It boosts blood circulation and increases oxygen supply to each and every cell of the body.


Running is the most natural exercise and it is also known as best cardio vascular exercise. It makes whole body work and accelerate heartbeat. It burns plenty of kilojoules. If you will run everyday you will experience sense of elation and happiness after run. It also helps in controlling anger, frustration and stress.


Many people get confused between running and jogging. But the difference is running is faster demands more efforts from the muscles, heart and lungs as compared to jogging. Jogging is an exercise which involves slow running and fast walking . Regular jogging improves the body’s stamina and helps in building resistance. Jogging is known as most effective stomach fat burner. You should prefer to go on a jog every morning for good results.

Playing Badminton.

Ladies! every female love to play badminton. It not only helps in losing weight but it also helps in building muscles, it also helps in building stamina and most importantly it also prevents from all kind of joint pains, cardio vascular arrest, hypertension. Badminton is a game which rejuvenates whole of the body. Playing badminton is very beneficial as it strengthen the bones and it’s a boon for the patient of osteoporosis as it increases the density of the bone.

Get involve in Trails.

women hiking

I love traveling! adventure sports, trails etc. I must say trails involve lots of walking and traveling. Hiking is going to burn lots and lots of calorie as compared to simple walk. Hiking can be done anywhere there’s hill. Trails are basically going through rough terrains. It not only burns your extra calories but it also strengthen the lower body it will become more toned and muscular.

Yoga in the park / Meditation.

Yoga is not a religion, its just a art of living which helps in leading healthier and stress free life. It promotes self healing, equilibrium and harmony. It improves respiration, energy and vital stability.


Cycling is one of the most important sport and its one of the most important recreational activity in United Kingdom. Cycling is one of the easiest way to stay fit because its also the form of transport. It saves money and its also harmless for environment. Cycling burns lots of calories (more than 600 ) per hour. Cycling can also be done with a group of friends or family. So enjoy!

Go for camping.

You can go on a camp with your friends and family, it will help you to stay healthy and fit. You can also spend quality time with your family and friends while camping.

River rafting.

Rafting provides you escape from the reality with lots of fun and exercise. The quietness of nature will let you relax and leave all the worries behind you. Your muscular strength will increase as you will start fighting with the water.


According to me, step up exercise is basically the exercise of butts. It strengthen the muscles’ of knees, hips and legs. It increases heart beat and open the pores for continuous blood circulation. This exercise can be done anywhere and anytime.

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