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Big list of Best Cold Weather Running Gears for Women

Exercise or workout should be done regularly as it’s a means of physical rehabilitation. Regular exercises are essential for women because it lessen the emotional disorders by giving a person sense of control. By getting involved in exercises women stay more longer in this world as compared to other who do not stay active at all. Heart becomes stronger due to exercise as it can pump more blood through the body. Women should get involved in all kind of exercises be it upper body exercise or lower body exercise or body building exercises be it anything. Women should indulge in regular work out as it helps to alleviate depression and all kinds of stress. Women who stays healthy and fit during and after pregnancy have less severe lower back pain and labor pain. Women who workout daily build the resistance and ability to manage pain and do everyday works or tasks. Exercises acts as an temporary de-stressor.

cold weather running gears

Exercise acts as a temporary diversion to daily stresses. And to the social bees! Exercise provides an opportunity for social interaction that may otherwise lacking in an individual’s life. 30 Minutes of daily workout is necessary be it anything walking, running, jogging, other lower body exercises or upper body exercises. It should be regular and consistent. Exercise together with a healthy calcium intake strengthen the bones, which is extremely necessary for women. Women need to exercise, to boost their self confidence in all aspects of their lives. Exercise helps to lower the risk of chronic pain in the future. Exercise is also the prevention of respiratory infections. Regular exercise has a positive effect on the general health of people with diseases of chronic conditions and lessen the severity of emotional disorders by giving the person a sense of greater control. Exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer in women in pre and post menopausal women up to 30%. Exercise can cure major depression issues or emotional disorders of the adult. Just 30 minutes of brisk walk is the most important or essential meditation in relieving symptoms and reducing relapse. Exercise decreases some of the most troublesome emotional symptoms of menopause. Women who exercise during menopause shows less anxiety, stress and depression than inactive women with menopause did.

People who run on regular basis are physically strong and more importantly physically strong legs. Exercises done in winter are more effective. Sure, its freezing outside! But before you retreat your gym, consider this : chilly temperatures may change unwanted fats into a different kind of fat that actually burns calories. That means heading outside in winter for exercise could not only help you to burn calories, it could change your body composition. Make sure before you start exercise don’t forget to warm up such as jumping for five minutes to get your heart pumping blood to your muscles. Cover the extremities. The biggest concern with exercising outdoors in winter is the risk of frostbite. So make sure you cover your hands, ears and nose and chin areas too! So that you don’t feel numb!

Useful & necessary winter running gears for men and women :

Gloves – it is most essential thing to be worn while running. Gloves are great in winter obviously because you can still grab stuff. This is the best option that keeps our hand warm. Leather gloves are more preferable in winter. Leather is a very good insulating material, despite many pairs of leather gloves are being thinner than you would expect from gloves being that are intended to keep your hands warm.

Hats / Headbands – Before leaving home for exercise or running make sure that you are wearing hat or headband. While running the uncovered parts such as head and neck get exposed in the chilled or frozen winds which have bad consequences such as pneumonia. Hats are extremely useful in winter and considerably cold seasons because in the winter there are cold chills and with warm clothing the diseases will be prevented. I advise everyone to wear hats / headband / scarves in the winter especially when you are going out for doing exercise.

Jackets – Its really very important to have the proper equipment for winter while running. Everything from head to toe should be covered. And one more thing jacket should not be confused with a winter coat. You should wear a jacket which is wind and water resistant shell coat. While running you should never wear winter coat as it is unnecessarily warm and bulky. It preferable to wear jackets as it helps to keep our body enough warm.

Inner wear – In cold weather, the best approach is to dress in many light layers. In general you should have a synthetic base layer which wicks sweat away from your skin, with a wind proof or water resistant top layer. But between all these layers you need to wear inner wear or thermal layer in between. It keeps you warm and enables you to regulate your temperature quickly and easily.

Tights / Pants – This is winter running’s greatest invention and kindly learn to love them as its very useful. Tights are single most versatile piece of clothing in your winter arsenal. They are thin enough to keep you cool in fall, but tights are enough to keep you warm in the winter. this happens because of compression. Compression means more blood flow in the tights which results in keeping you war.

Wind resistant pants – during December and January there are some situations where running in tights alone won’t cut it. When its really cold or windy wearing tights alone is not a good option. You also need to wear wind resistant running pants over tights.

Neck gaiter – it is also one of the important thing to wear. Even if you are wearing hat or jacket with a collar there are lots of uncovered part of neck which is really sensitive. Neck gaiters covers whole neck as well as face too! They are a great running investment.

Goggles / sunglasses – while running in winter and continuously facing chilled or frozen winds would harm you eye . Even you would get brain freeze from the chilled winds. You need to wear goggles as it helps to prevent your eye from shutting down! Sudden shutting down of eye due to frozen winds are quite harmful and lead to extremely bad consequences just like accident.

Woolen stoles – woolen stoles are very important for men as well as women. It absorbs humidity while remaining dry. It gives luxuriating warmth even when you are running. It is extremely durable and breathable, it is highly flame resistant, it is resistant to dirt, with little weight it naturally keep you warm.

Woolen socks – While going out in winter men and women both should wear woolen socks. Woolen socks have heat retention as compared to cotton socks. Woolen fibers are moisture wicking. Woolen socks have low maintenance, wool socks don’t need to be washed after each wearing, it can be worn a few times before being washed. During winter’s it is highly preferable to wear woolen socks especially when you are going out. It helps to keep your feet warm.

Leather jackets for women– a women’s leather jacket is the ultimate multi- purpose outerwear. It contains fleece, inner jacket that zips up like turtle neck. It also have water and wind resistant outer shell with detachable hood. Its very necessary to wear jacket as an outerwear while going out for exercise. It is an ideal garment for winter sports / exercise or other outdoor activities and easily adapts to changing conditions.

Women’s fleece – women’s fleece is also an outer wear which provides warmth and softness in a light weight and versatile garment. Fleece is mostly recommended for chilly days especially when a person is going outside for workout or for other activities. It is casual, zip up jackets with turtle neck. and it can be worn an inner wear too!

Women’s puffers – women’s puffer coat is instantly recognizable by the quilted or pillow looking outer layer that contains insulation. Women’s puffers come as vest, jackets or coats depending on the coverage you are looking for. It provides distinctive style without weight. It is also one of the recommended wear during winters while running.

Women windbreakers- it is the most essential thing to wear when you are outside your house for workout or for some other activity. windbreakers are known for their wind – resistant synthetic material and light weight feel. It is quite helpful when you are out for working out.

Running shoes – women who are indulged into daily running and workout should prefer shoes which have tight grip. Reebok and Nike shoes are mostly preferable during winter running because it makes a hold between the foot and the slippery ground. I would advise every women to wear Reebok or Nike shoes for much safety.

Water proof running jacket – being active in winter time can be little tough. But as I have already cited above the benefits for running in winter, it is preferable for everyone to stay active. Heavy jackets make your body bulky, to avoid those bulky things you can go for water proof running jacket, its pretty slim jacket. Its water and wind resistant, hood and gaiter is also attached into it to protect you face.

Ice bug running shoes – men who are hardcore winter runners should go for ice bug running shoes. They help you to continue your running in the most natural way even in the slickest conditions.

Fuel band – fuel band is not exactly for winter but yes, it will definitely help you to keep motivated during the months when getting off the couch is toughest. This fuel band is a pretty stylish accessory for men and it also measures the activity through out the day.

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