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Tips for Running in Cold Weather with Asthma

Is running in cold weather bad for asthma?

tips for running cold weather

Running is one of the great sport in which you can indulge in all year around. Whether the temperature is chilly or hot and humid. In fact running in cold weather boasts extra body benefits. You are free to run anywhere or anytime, be it treadmill or park. People usually prefer to stay on their beds and couch when its freezing outside just because of their lazy attitude. And during winter there is some increase in appetite automatically, so at that time people love eating and staying inactive. Well, there are numerous benefits of running and it would actually help to change your life. Everyone should do running in all kind of weather be it chilling winter or hot and humid summer.

I remember the time when I was too over weight. Some of the doctors even told me for regular checkup as there were chances of thyroid. But someone has rightly said its never too late To start! When I was over weight and inactive, I was prone to feverish thing, most of the time I felt irritated because of fever, cold and cough. Most of the time I felt sad and depressed that why me? I remember I was 90 kg’s when I was in std 12th, and it wasn’t not according to my height as well.

And that was the time when I joined gym when I entered into my college life. I committed and promised to myself that I need to lose 30 kg’s at any cost. And then filled with self motivation I joined gym, and did rigorous exercise everyday which included 20 to 30 minutes of running on the treadmill, 20 minutes cross trainer, crunches, weight lifting, viberator, hanging, cycling and many more exercises which helped me in losing extra kilojoules. And one more thing I started doing workout in freezing winter only. In 6 months I lost 30 kg’s. I simply followed two important rules : intense exercise and clean eating. It helped me a lot. And one more fact I would like to tell that you can lose extra weight in winter very easily as compared to hot and humid weather. And still do running for 1 hour daily.

People who run on daily basis are happy people, it strengthens your lungs. You will have increased lung capacity. Due to running your arteries expand and contract while running helping to keeps your blood pressure in a normal range. Regular running strengthens immune system and build ups tolerance to germs which results in fewer minor illness. Running burns mega calories. People who run on regular basis are physically strong and more importantly physically strong legs. Running also boasts stress. It makes you calmer and more relaxed. Running increases the strength of your ligaments and tendons. It is also helpful in shaping up your body, it gives more confidence when a person looks fit and healthy. They feel more confident about their appearances’.

People who are suffering from respiratory problems should also run but with some precautions. Asthmatic patients or runners shouldn’t skip warm up session. Running with asthma benefits a lot as it helps to strengthen respiratory muscles, helps to maintain weight etc.

running with asthma

Tips for running in cold weather and asthma:-

Get dressed – you need to dress up yourself as much as you can to fight with chilled winds. Cover each and every body part use gloves, caps and just cover yourself with layers before you go out for running. And the people who are suffering from asthma, its very important for you to start slowly with warm up. Because good run or walk interval is great for warming up. Winter is the ideal weather for running, the colder the weather, the less heat stress on the body which makes it significantly easier to run.

Be seen and stay safe – in winter’s days are smaller and nights are longer. When you start running make sure that you are visible to others. Your clothes should be reflective or bright/light colored clothes such as white, light blue, florescent etc. You should always stick to well lit areas and avoid running anywhere which is dark Or you don’t feel completely safe. Running in winter is a great tool for preventing winter weight gain. Running burns significant calories and is therefore a powerful tool in maintaining and even losing weight during winter.

Always start with warm up – A good warm up is very necessary to avoid injury during winter’s as body takes little longer to warm up. After warm up when you start running increase your pace slowly rather directly getting fast . The outdoor run helps to boost your mood and temperament and warm up is quite necessary for asthmatic patients too!

Running will keep your metabolism going strong. Our bodies in winter especially are programmed to preserve our fat stores, slowing down our metabolism rate in direct response to our decreased exercise levels. But running in winter is extremely helpful to prevent seasonal slowdown of metabolism and help to maintain a healthy weight.

Always stay motivated – People who run on daily basis should have realistic goal to gradually work towards is also a great motivator. Most of the population prefers to stay on couch or on bed due to laziness. But once you start running, it’s much easier and you will only think about how much satisfaction you’ll get when you finish your run. And the people who are suffering from asthma should always cover their face during running in cold temperatures. Always carry your inhaler.

And now here are some tips for the asthmatics :

Whenever you are leaving for running, just inform any of your friend or close ones that where exactly you are going for running. Ask them to contact you time to time and if you wouldn’t pick your call just go that place for a look and if there is something serious call for help.

Asthma causes fatigue and also fatigue can cause asthma, so I advise to take full care of your body. If you have a serious attack, take a break from your schedule and get plenty of sleep. If you don’t fulfill the amount of rest you need, it will further cause more asthma which would be extremely serious in future. Hope you get the idea that fatigue can also be dangerous and it can also cause asthma.

Dear asthmatics, you need be quite careful after doing long distance run, you need to be extremely cautious after the race. One of my relative was suffering from asthma and he used to do long distance running. According to his experience, after 24 to 48 hours after running or race asthma is a lot more fragile and then he was more likely to attack.

If your are suffering from asthma just avoid cold beverages. Cold beverages or cold drinks are extremely harmful for asthmatics. Whenever there is an serious attack avoid cold drinks instead of it you should prefer a glass of hot water. It is also applicable of those who are on the verge of attack and especially when it involves cough, you should drink a glass or two of hot water.

Every asthmatic is prone to triggers, attacks, muscle cramps too! You should drink plenty of coconut water. Large amount of coconut water are the only thing which will help you after running long distance. It’s more important to get in those electrolytes.

And yes! Self motivation is one of the most essential thing, like whenever you achieve your goal just congratulate yourself and pat you back that you rock! And whenever you feel that you are getting down, just take a minute think and make a realize to yourself that how far you’ve come and how hard you’ve worked. Just think positive and stay positive!

Dear everyone and patients of asthma too! It’s a humble request that don’t run for anyone, just run for yourself and for the sake of your health. If you stay in that mindset that you are running to improve your health and well being, the rest seems insignificant.

And people who are not suffering from asthma kindly be supportive to your friend or relative if they are suffering from asthma , quit smoking . It would be quite helpful to them and to you also as smoking have bad consequences. And one more thing know what exactly you are supposed to do when there is an severe attack to your any friend or your relative or your loved ones. Always keep inhalers, always use medical ID’s. And make them comfortable instead of getting panic, just stay calm because if you are panicking you will worsen the things.

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