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Seated Hammer Curls: What is it, How to do, Benefits

The seated hammer curl, a variation of the traditional hammer curl, is an isolation exercise that helps you develop size and strength of your arms. It is an effective workout for reaching each part of your biceps in one smooth motion. If you have a pair of dumbbells, it can be easily performed just about anywhere.

Seated Hammer Curls Benefits

  • While doing the exercise, you mimic the motion of a hammer and thus you fully stretch and compress your biceps, thereby putting a lot of stress on the muscles.
  • Doing the seated hammer curl with an appropriate angle and proper wrist position you can engage your forearms more than any other arm workouts.

Seated Hammer Curl Exercise Information

Other Names Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curl
Exercise Type Strength
Skill Level Beginner
Equipment Needed Dumbbell, flat or adjustable bench
Muscles Worked Primary: Biceps; Secondary: Forearms
Mechanics Isolation
Force Type Pull
Alternative Forms/Substitute Incline Hammer Curls

How to do Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curl

  • Sit on a flat bench or an adjustable bench with your feet placed in front, and the knees kept together. If you are doing the exercise on an adjustable bench, make sure that the back makes an angle of 90 degrees with the floor.
  • Grab two dumbbells and hold them by your sides, close to the body assuming a neutral grip so that your palms are facing in.
  • Slightly bend your arms to take up tension in your biceps. It is the initial position.
  • Keeping your elbows on the sides and your back straight, gradually curl up the weights as far as you can.
  • Be sure to squeeze your biceps hard and then lower the weights back to the initial position.
  • Perform the required number of reps.
Seated Hammer Curl

Seated Hammer Curls Tips

  • Make sure that you continuously maintain the tension on your biceps throughout the range of motion.
  • Control the movement while lowering the weight.
  • If you are doing the exercise on a flat bench, avoid swinging your back when curling the dumbbells up.

Video: Seated Hammer Curls Proper Form

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