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Aamir Khan Workout Schedule and Diet Chart (Full Case Study)

The Popular Bollywood artist in India Mr. Aamir khan is one of the many inspiring celebrities who’ve truly devoted his time to workout and achieved the fitness goal in a short period. For the Hindi movie Ghajini, Aamir khan has devoted 9 months of time in the process of building his physique, losing weight etc. The transformation is amazing. The main reason for his achievement is proper workout and diet. Why I wanted to write about Aamir khan workout for ghajini is, in a short period of time (9 months) he has transformed to a greater extent.

aamir khan workout diet chart

Aamir khan in his own blog has written about Ghajini workout schedule and diet chart that he has followed to achieve the target. The three most important things in Fitness are a healthy balanced diet, exercise and rest. Calculate how many calories you spend per day, calculate how many calories you need in order to lose weight or gain weight. Now the basic calculation is in order to lose weight, eat fewer calories than you spend. Vice versa to gain weight.

For example: if you spend around 2000 calories per day, then eat your food which amounts to 1800 calories in 24 hours. The calories that you intake must be divided into fat, carbohydrate and protein. Now once you divide and intake, that’s where balanced diet comes into place. Never go for low carbs or high protein. Aamir khan workout diet had a balanced one. For beginners who’re looking forward to what to eat, how to divide your intake and with lot of similar questions, watch out this space later. I will be shedding light on workout diets for beginners.

To rip off your body fat, you should intake proper balanced diet that should actually take out excess fat from your body and not the proteins which supposed to make you lose weight. So, a proper balanced diet is very important. In Aamir khan’s case, he is well guided by nutrition and the diet chart which is to be followed is prescribed according to his health condition. Each person diet chart may differ according to the body condition. He/she needs to check health by doctor before prescribing a diet. This is because; in case you may have health issues like heart problems, diabetes, thyroid, and cholesterol, high BP or anything else.


If you don’t follow proper diet no matter how hard you workout you will not get the results that you want.

Aamir khan diet plan

Aamir khan diet for ghajini includes a balanced diet of both vegetarian and non-veg food items. We heard from his personal trainer Satyajit Chaurasia that Water is very important part of the diet. One must drink 3 to 4 liters of water per day and between workouts you can drink lemon water. Drinking lemon water between workouts will help body to prevent soreness and muscle stiffness. It removes excess acids in the body.

All the diet which is mentioned below is not my assumption. Aamir khan himself has said in the interviews, blogs, videos etc.

Your intake should be divided into 5 to 6 small parts. If you’re going to eat a lot at one time, it is of no use. Your body will take only limited amount of stuff and the rest is actually wasted. So if you divide and intake your food, you’re going to push the required proteins and carbs every two hours that your body wants.

Aamir khan diet throughout the day

Never take oily foods. Take plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat rotis made of three grain wheat (bajra, jowar and atta). Also snacks include biscuits, brown bread sandwiches, papaya (which helps to relieve constipation problems).

Never load carbs after 8 PM.

If you’re a non-veg eater, you can take 2 pieces of tandoori (chicken breast) for lunch and dinner. Also make sure you load enough egg whites (4-5 per day). Throw away the yellow ones. It is full of fat.

Pre-workout meal

A small carb meal such as bananas, apple, and sweet potatoes can be taken before exercise that helps to build energy.

Aamir khan workout plan

Only with proper warm up you can avoid injuries. A balanced warm up and cool down exercises can build up good muscle. Once done with warm up exercises, carry out with circuit exercises or core exercises. Then, start with weight training. I have categorized weight training into 6 muscles + Abs.


All these exercises for Aamir khan workout plan was made to remove the excess fat content from the body and muscle mass growth without losing the overall weight.

10 minutes of stretching, 40 minutes of abs and sides and then weight training.

Chest (Monday)

  • Bench press
  • Incline Dumbbell press
  • Decline press
  • Dumbbell fly
  • Dumbbell pullover

Shoulder (Tuesday)

  • Military Press
  • Front Shoulder Press
  • Seated Dumbell Press
  • Shoulder Press
  • Bent OverLateral Raise
  • Upright Row

Back (Wednesday)

  • T-bar row
  • Seated cable row
  • Lat pull down front
  • Fronted Chin up
  • One arm dumbbell row
  • Deadlift (thicken up your traps)


Biceps (Thursday)

  • Barbell curls
  • Dumbbell curls
  • Preacher curls
  • Concentration curls
  • Wrist curl
  • Reverse curl

Triceps (Friday)

  • Short grip triceps press
  • Rope pull down
  • Cable Lying Triceps Extension
  • Dumbbell kickbacks
  • Dips behind the back

Leg (Saturday)

  • Squat
  • Lunges
  • Leg press
  • Leg curl
  • Leg extension
  • Seated toe raise for calves

Aamir khan abs workout (8 packs)

  • Decline Crunches
  • Dumbbell side bends
  • Crossover crunches
  • Hanging leg raise
  • Seated knee up

We talked about Diet, workout plan. Now as he says, Train hard, eat clean and sleep at least 8 hours a day. Nothing can happen overnight. Only with regular and consistent training, your body can change.

110 thoughts on “Aamir Khan Workout Schedule and Diet Chart (Full Case Study)

      1. Hi james,

        I am sharath,

        I am going to gym from past a year and yes i have turned to bulk from skinny. gained 15 kgs in span of 6-7 months.

        I am 5.6 feet height and 61 kg. Would like to build a ripped body with good muscle mass

        Can u suggest me any workout plan that suits me.

        I include ssn 100% hardcore whey in my diet, i.e, 30 grams 1 scoop post workout

        Do you suggest me to continue same protien or do i need to take any mass gainer?

        Expecting a reply from you very soon.

        Thanks & Regards,

        Sharath lal

      2. Question: will hitting the stairmaster for 60 min on level 4-6 kill leg gains even tho I’m drinking a balanced carb/protein/fats pre shake and drinking bca’s while I’m on the machine and eating say a portion of brown rice right after and continuing my training routine for the day ??

  1. Hi

    Nice article. I am 5 ft 11 inch 30 years old guy with 76.6 kg weight. I have decided to transform myself into lean body. I have reduced from 80 kg to current weight with cardio and home cooked food. I am now into weight training and I am following the exercise routine of http://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/24-doug—s-5-day-high-definition-routine.html. My diet include:

    1. Before morning work out: One whole bread and a banana
    2. After work out: 5 egg white+ Green peas+ Oat meal
    3. Lunch: Brown rice + chicken breast/ peas/ soyabeans salads
    4. Snacks: Sprout salad or different fruits in a plate (I get in office canteen)
    5. Dinner: 4 Egg white or Spinach ..
    And I am drinking lot of water 5 to 6 litres minimum.

    I am not too sure about portion size and stuff as I cant get into so much details with my work life. So my question is :

    1. Do you think the above self made diet plan is ok generally
    2. Also my friend suggested to try Muscletech Nito tech Hardcore Pro series whey protein. Personally I believe whey protein will help me as I am finding hard to cook every day and doubt how many days I can continue. I believe why protein along with proper diet will boost strenght and quick muscle gain. But my parents are stronglly against it and they feel these are not good for health. Also I am not too sure about the long term effect of whey proteins and hence not confident enough to convince them.

    So can you please help me with this dilema bro. Just to help, my goal is to get quick lean good muscles. I understand I cant do it in one month, but I am not ready to wait for a year also and I am ready to work hard, eat clean and rest.


    Abhishek RC

  2. Hi,i m rony,i m 5 feet 6 inch.i want to build my body but i dont want to go jym coz its too cost and timefull work
    thats why i bought some dumbell and another equipment
    so which process should better for me
    and what will be my diet plan?

      1. I want to waight loss
        I have loss already 17kg
        & i need loss more
        Now plz suggest me how can loss remaining
        5 kg

        1. Hi friend
          Mai yahi batana chahta hu ki aap waight loss ke piche na pade aap fat loss k bareme soche or muscle gain k
          Bareme soche. Because waight loss karnese aapka muscle bhi loss honge.
          To apna target rakhe ki muscle gain.
          Agar apka body type obese hai to carbs kam or protein k matra achese rakhe.
          Our professional trainer se personal training le.

      2. Sir i m thin my weight is only 51 kg and my higet is 5″8 so i want gain weight and maslas so plz give me tips

    1. roni with out going jim how can u get fit and mascular body.go in ur budget jim and do ur regular workout. in those place u learn more excise and get knowledge how can u build a body

  3. Hello james, Do you suggest me to take on serious mass for wieght gain, I weigh around 57 . or any diet to put on mass ??

      1. Hi, what is you email address so I can contact you regarding what I should do to get a bigger body.

          1. Sir I want to make my body like aamir Sir, not like them but some like so please suggest me how can I achive my body

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      3. Hi Sir,
        i am sagar My Height is 5.5 my Weight is 45 kg
        can u suggest me how to gain Weight …?
        for Diet also…Plz

    1. in my view don’t need to any mass powder if you are in proper diet ….. definetly it will help to improve your body in shape ….

  4. Hi sir, my fat loss program is almost over. My trainer says to develop muscles now. Its been 3 months now that i am into muscle building, but as compared to my arms, chest and lats, my shoulders are not developing. Please suggest me what should be done.

  5. james i want to know that i eat texture soya or soya chunks to get protein .
    Is it healthy or harmful.
    I have read some controversies about soya products on the internet.
    So please help me.

  6. My hieght is 5.7 and wieght 64 kg. I want to build up my body. I stay at Gandhinagar- Gujarat. plz. can u suggest workout and diet for me ?

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  8. Heyy james. I’ve just started off gymming 2 months back. i’m 5’11 n my weight is around 63. My metabolism is very high, idue to which i’ve emptied 2 mass gainers each of 3 kg, but no god results at all. Over it i cant have non veg and eggs coz of some family restrictions. i really want size with shape. what to do? :/

  9. hi my name is Samir.
    My weight is very low.
    my one arm chest is very big and one side back is v shep. But my one side chest is very small and one side back is not to be v shape.
    So,how to create one side chest and v shape back?

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  11. Hi

    Nice article. I am 5 ft 11 inch 34 years old guy with 83.7 kg weight. I have decided to transform myself into lean body.
    I have reduced from 98 kg to current weight,still i have Fat stomach.can you pls guide…

    1. i am a patients of gout so I can not eat protein and other related things.what to do now.

  12. im 23 year old .my dream actor.and my w8 110k.and i lean the body plz cont my mail.plz hlp me

  13. hey james, i want burn my fat (baby fat mostly) but at the same time trying to get lean so was wandering what kind of exercise routine i should be following…currently i jog for 30mins and then spend over an hour doing weights plus i eat pretty healthy…atleast 5 kinds of veggies and 5 kinds of fruits a day plus lean meat along with protein shakes (for getting lean).

    1. Dont jog before workout it simply lows your energy due to which u cant train heavy

      Heavyweight first and then cycle for 25 mins 5mins slow 7mins fast then again slow n fast.

      By this youll get bulky muscles and loss fat
      You will see results in 1 to 1.5 months

  14. Hi,

    Please suggest me as I wanna get lean body……..
    My age is 25, body weight 60 waist 32″

    Suggest me about workout and cardio (pre workout or post workout) which one is good
    and about diet too


  15. hi, sir im 18 year old my w8 is 82 kg n my height is 6ft.i am doing workout since 1 year so which type of supplement I take protein supp. or weight gainers

  16. HI..sir..I AM SUBHA SEN..i join a jym about 3months..but i dont see my body improvment..what can i do for that and i want to know how much time to take my body improve…also give me a nutrition chart for helping me to diet..

    1. Hi,

      You joined gym for what reason to gain weight or to loose, first specify, coz then only it can be answered.

  17. Hi I am 5ft and 7 inches and i am 60 kgs. I want to lose a bit of stomach fat and gain muscle. I am confused on what workout i should do and whether or not i should do cardio before or after weight lifting? Please help me
    THank you

    1. Hi friend
      Aapko agar waight gain karna hai to apke body ko jyada rest k jarurat hai. Because aapka body type lean hai qk aapki body jyada colories kharch karti hai to exercise p jyada concentrate na kare. Aap apne diet par jyada dhyan de. Alternate days exercise karo. Any imported Waight gainer try karo. Exp dymatize mass gainer.

  18. Hello sir
    I am 21yrs old. my height is 5.6 and i weigh around 71kgs. I have an average build but a lot of loose flesh in the chest and thigh regions. I dont do any workouts but i jog 45minutes everyday. Can you help me out in getting rid of the loose flesh?

  19. I’m looking for a muscle gain workout, im now 6.0′, 165lb, average looking guy. I want to bulk my body but I can’t eat non veg or eggs. I do take protein powder.

  20. I am 39 Years old with lean body weighing 63 kg height 5 feet 4 inch…….I am going to gym continuously for the last 1 years but no change….kindly suggest me best meal plan & workout schedule…I am a non-vegetarian.

    I want my belly fat totally vanish and want to increase muscle mass on my shoulders, arms & chest….kindly suggest….?

  21. Dear Sir,

    I have lean body please tell me anything to become muscular body do you suggest any supplement

  22. i to make bif my trrapazius and arms and trices.
    i m beginer. then what type of diet i take. plzz tell me.

  23. i have some confusion regarding cardio so please could you suggest me is cardio best beneficial for me to gain muscles for my body.

    because i have reduced my weight 10kg in three months by doing cardio which was my goal now my goal is to gain muscles power for my body so please suggest can i continue cardio sessions on daily basis to imporve muscles power.

  24. hi.. i am having fat problem as well as height issues..i dont know what to do…my age is 20..please mr james gold i will be happy if u suggest me strict diet plan to loss fat and also some of the tips to increase my height..please

  25. Hi James,

    I am 30 year old with 70 inch height and 80 kg weight, Vegetarian(can eat eggs). Want to build lean body, can go to gym 5-6 days in a week, can you please suggest me some exercise and diet program.
    Although I am doing some exercise to be fit, but I am not able to reduce my beer belly.
    I neither drink nor smoke.


  26. earlier my weight is 85 kg …. aftr little bit exercises nd gym work … nd decreasing in diet … my weight come 70 kg …. now i want a tight nd muscular body without gaining a weight …. suggest me some exercises with diet as well ….

  27. My biceps 16 inch chest 47. Im married 10 yar my daughter maine 10 yer pehle axercise kerker chodi thi ab 8september se shuru kar di maine supplement shuru kara hai nitrotech mucceltech and extend pre workout yehacha hai kyia mujha size gain krna hai mujhe plese koi acha supplemet batao or kaise lena hai plese sir

  28. I just want to gain muscles and weight. So apart from diet and workouts which protein supplements is best for gain muscles without any side effect? help me plz

  29. I want to make a body like a Amir khan for that this diet are ok or other diet should I followI just want to gain muscles and weight. So apart from diet and workouts which protein supplements is best for gain muscles without any side effect? help me plz

    I am 34 year old with 70 inch height and 80 kg weight, Vegetarian(can eat eggs). Want to build lean body, I can go to office is a 5- days in a week, can you please suggest me some exercise and diet program.
    Although I am doing some exercise to be fit, but I am not able to reduce my beer belly.
    I neither drink nor smoke. I have merried and two child
    I lost my wet and fat camar mein abs workout


  30. Sir kisi b proteen k lene se sex power pe iffect hota hai kya or agar ni hota to kon sa lena chahiy seze gain k liy or lockl or orignal ki pahchan kase kare i am wating your ans ..

  31. Hi James ,My height is 5feet 8 inch and my wight is 74kG and I will go by the above plan of Aamir sir and just want to know if protien is required for the first 2 months of gym or I can start taking it.

  32. Hi James,

    I have been inspired by the movie as well as Amur khans transformation.

    I have a quick question regarding fat/flab around the stomach.

    What would you recommend to do to lose fat and gain lean muscle at same time.

    The following is currently what I do:

    1 muscle and abs 3 x a week including boxercise circuit
    1 muscle and cardio HIIT 3 x week..


    Whey protein x 4 a day including breakfast smoothie of two scoops
    Grilled chicken
    None oily food such as pasta keema etc
    Needs to Improve on water intake

    I have been doing for 6 weeks.. I can see small improvements and so I just have to be patient

  33. Hi James,

    I have drastically lost my weight so i got loose skin all over my body….

    how to tighten my skin…

    Pls do suggest some ideas


  35. Hello mr.james

    I am Kulraj Suri of age 15 and i not taking any of the supplements. I am a vegetarian. So wgat should be my daily diet, because i am having an ectomorphic body. So being a slow doveloper shouls i convince my parents to buy a supplement.please reply more to discuss

  36. Hi,

    Age 25
    Height 6 feet
    Weight 63kg
    Waist size 30

    Please suggest me a healthy india diet plan to increase weight and get my body in shape with muscles.
    I m regularly going to gym from last 1 year but not getting the desired result.

  37. i m big fan for your so i m telling u itdon’t have used supliment then u have sujjest me

  38. i m doing gym for last four months……and i have gained a lot much but i did’nt get biceps……and also want 6 pack abs ripped.. 😉

  39. Hi James ,

    Can you please suggest me how to gain weight . I am 5’6 and weigh about 53 kgs . I am small built and skinny and want to bulk up and gain at least 15-20 kgs in a short span (6 months ) .Is it possible ? I calculated that I need to consume at least 4000 calories daily for significant weight gain . Should i start gym straightway or put on some mass for 2-3 months and then do it .



    Please suggest me exercise as well as diet.

    Please guide for green tea does it helpful to loose fat.

  41. did mr. amir khan use supplyments or steroid ? as well as can use this charts and meal plans for getting big ?

  42. Hi I am arun. I am 42 years old. My body is right now same as Amir Khan in dangal. But now I want to transform it. I don’t want to lose weight so much. But want my stomach flat with good muscles.
    Please suggest me proper diet chart, so that my body get all necessary things without weakness.

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