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Gal Gadot’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan for Wonder Woman

The gorgeous Wonder Woman, with her slender body, long and slim legs, agility and strength, slaying the enemy and saving the world from bad guys left all her fans awestruck. Well, we are talking about Gal Gadot, the 33-year-old former Miss Israel who had played the titular role in Wonder Woman (2017). To fit into the role of a tough superhero, Gadot had to train intensely like an athlete. Here we share how the Justice League actress managed to achieve such a ripped physique.

Gal Gadot Body Measurements

Height: 5’ 10”; Weight: 128 lbs

Bust: 34”; Waist: 23”; Hip: 34”

Gal Gadot Workout

Gal Gadot Workout Routine

Fitting in the clothes of a superhero and doing the fight scenes is not easy. Although Gadot was lean, she had to follow an intensive fitness routine for six months to get into superhero shape. In an interview, the Fast and Furious star revealed that she worked out for 6 hours, out of which 2 hours were reserved for gym exercising, fight choreography, and horseback riding respectively.

She does not like to spend a long time in the g

ym but loves TRX training and paddleboarding, which help in keeping her lean. She also has an interest in rock climbing, which helped her achieve strong chest, shoulders, abs, and lats. Gadot had trained with Mark Twight, the celebrity fitness trainer who designed an intense training regimen that helped her gain some muscle mass.

Gal Gadot Fitness

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Workout

Gadot performed the following workouts in circuits. After working out for every two minutes, she took rest for a couple of minutes to help her body prevent injuries.

Cardio Training

  • Running or Jogging for warming up (5-10 mins)
  • Mountain Climbers (1 min)
  • Rowing (5 mins)
  • Burpee with Broad Jumps (1 min)
  • Bird Dog (1 min)
  • Push Ups (sets: 5, reps: 3)
  • Pull Ups (sets: 7, reps: 3)

Strength Training

  • Jogging and Rowing for warming up (5-10 mins)
  • Romanian Deadlifts (sets: 3, reps: 5)
  • Bent-Over Row (sets: 3, reps: 5)
  • Reverse Curl (sets: 3, reps: 5)
  • Weighted Squats (sets: 4, reps: 3)
  • Throwing a light medicine ball (5 mins)
Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Workout

Arms and Abs Training

  • Push Ups (30 seconds)
  • Plank with 30-sec hold

Gal Gadot Diet

Gadot has an ardent interest in food, and so she does not restrict herself from having an occasional snack like ice cream or burgers but eats these in small quantities. Her trainer Hayley Bradley formulated a healthy nutrition plan that can increase the effectiveness of her training by about 20 percent. She balanced each meal with similar amounts of leafy greens and foods rich in protein. Her diet also included green juices made from kale, spinach, and fruits. These are low-calorie, high-fiber foods that helped get rid of her hunger pangs.

Gal Gadot Body

Video: Gal Gadot Training for Wonder Woman

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