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James Harrison Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Body Statistics

James Henry Harrison, the former American linebacker, is remembered not just for his glorious NFL career but also for posting some of the most insane workouts on Instagram. The 41-year-old Defensive Player of the Year had an illustrious record with the Pittsburgh Steelers and won two NFL Super Bowl championships along with winning Pro Bowl selection for five times during 2007-2011. Harrison is a beast both on and off the field, and his followers cannot get enough of the incredible amount of weights he lifts or moves each day. Here is an in-depth look at his training routine and approach to the game.

James Harrison Workout

James Harrison Body Stats

Height: 6’; Weight: 255 lbs

Chest: 46”; Waist: 34”

Biceps: 16”

James Harrison Workout Routine

Sure, his workouts look unreal. He hits the gym six days each week and works out in the offseason playing a game called Danney Ball in the field. He uses coach Mike Tomlin as his spotter and performs 1,100 lb leg presses, dips with 200 lbs of added weight, one-armed shoulder press, 700-lb squats, and challenging weighted pull-ups.

James Harrison Height

James Harrison Workout for Power and Explosiveness

Chest Workouts

  • Barbell Bench Press (sets: 10, reps: 1-10)
  • Barbell Incline Bench Press (sets: 10, reps: 10-1)
  • Negative-Accentuated Bench Press (weight: 405 lb at the bottom, 500 lb at the top)
  • Bench Press without Legs (weight: 375 lb)
James Harrison Body

Leg Workouts

  • Barbell Back Squat (sets: 10, reps: 1-10)
  • Barbell Deadlift (sets: 10, reps: 10-1)
  • Sled Push (weight: 1800 lb)
  • Hip Thrusts (weight: 765 lb)
  • Sumo Belt Squats (weight: 540 lb)
James Harrison Arms

Core Workouts

  • Hanging Abdominal Windshield Wipers (sets: 2, reps: 30)
  • Dragon Flags (sets: 3-5, reps: 4-5)
  • Ab Rollouts (sets: 3, reps: 8-12)
James Harrison Core Workout


Dry Needling Session

James Harrison Diet

Harrison usually follows a low-carb, natural diet plan for maintaining his physique. He makes healthy food choices and stays clear from dairy, caffeine, iodized salts, gluten, nightshades, and white sugar. He avoids alcohol and processed foods to recover from the intense training sessions. Harrison also emphasizes on taking protein supplements and low-fat, high-fiber foods.

James Harrison Bench Press

James Harrison Workout Video

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