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Jason Statham Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Body Stats

Jason Statham, one of the toughest guys seen on films, is known for his fitness and ripped physique. Ever since he rose to fame in Hollywood with movies such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Crank, The Italian Job, The Transporter trilogy, and Death Race, the English actor has had to reassess his point of view on being fit and healthy.

Earlier he kept active through the characters he played in the films and practiced some MMA, but before the release of Crank 2, he adopted an explosive training program working out 6 days each week. Incredibly, Statham managed to lose 20lbs of weight in just 6 weeks thanks to his immense work ethic. Here is a glimpse at Statham’s complete workout plan.

Jason Statham Workout
Jason Statham Workout

Jason Statham Workout Routine

The man behind Statham’s lean and chiseled body is an Ex-Navy SEAL, Logan Hood, who started training him from 2008 while filming Death Race. The 49-year-old actor hits the gym 6 days a week, and his workout plan is continually altered. His training program is packed with high-intensity exercises that keep the heart rate up, while burn fat as well as tone muscles. The workout philosophy is designed to use alternative dynamic/static approach with explosive movements while holding the weights at locked out position.

Jason Statham Workout Pictures
Jason Statham Workout Pictures

Jason Statham Workout Schedule

Day 1: Pyramid Circuit Training

Seven reps of each exercise that target your back, abs, arms, and legs

  • Warming up: 10 minutes on a rowing machine at a speed of 20 strokes/minute
  • Pushups
  • Ring pull-ups
  • Squats with bodyweight only
  • Stiff leg deadlifts
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Cooling down: 10 minutes freestyle aerial work on a gymnastic trampoline
Logan Hood Trainer
Logan Hood Trainer

Day 2: Static Hold Circuit and Big Five 55 Training

Static Circuit (four sets of each exercise with the weights held for 30 seconds and 10 seconds of rest between sets)

  • Warming up: 10 minutes on a rowing machine at a speed of 20 strokes/minute
  • Flat bench chest press
  • Military press shoulder exercise
  • Dumbbell chest flys
  • Triceps pressdowns with dumbbell
  • L-sit hold on dip bars
  • Farmers hold with kettlebell
  • Bodyweight squat hold
  • Cooling down: 10 minutes on a gymnastic trampoline

Big Five 55 Training Program (a circuit comprising 5 exercises done 10 times without rest, starting with 10 reps of each exercise and gradually decreasing by 1 in each set; so each exercise is repeated 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 times)

  • Front squats with weights
  • Pull-ups
  • Decline pushups
  • Power cleans with a barbell
  • Knee to elbows
Jason Statham Abs
Jason Statham Abs

Day 3: Interval Training including Rowing and Boxing


  • Warming up 2000 m at 15-20 strokes/minute on a rowing machine
  • Six intervals of alternate rowing and rest; between each 500 m, 3-min active rests that involve walking around the gym or house


  • Warming up with shadowboxing and lunges for legs
  • Three min intervals of punching and kicking against a padded target (5 times)
  • Two min rounds against a heavy bag (3 times)
  • Three min session against a speed bag (once)
  • Kettlebell farmers hold (3 sets)

Day 4: Lower Body Workouts and Pushups

  • Warmup: Rowing 2000 m
  • Squats with bodyweight only (20 reps)
  • Front squats with 175lb weight (5 sets, 5 reps, rest 90 sec between sets)
  • Stiff leg deadlifts (4 sets, 1 rep at 130, 140, 160, and 180 percent of the bodyweight, rest 3 min between sets)
  • Reverse abs crunches
  • Cooling down: 200 pushups (sets of 15-20-25-20-15 reps)
Jason Statham Body
Jason Statham Body

Day 5: Cumulative Workout Routine

  • Warming up: Rope climbs, bear crawls (20 yards), and crab walks (20 yards), 5 reps each

One set of the following workouts done briskly

  • Front squats with 120% bodyweight (5 reps)
  • Medicine ball slams (5 reps)
  • Rope pulls (5 reps)
  • Flat bench press (10 reps)
  • Medicine ball slams (10 reps)
  • Pull-ups (15 reps)
  • Medicine ball slams (10 reps)
  • Dips (15 reps)
  • Medicine ball slams (15 reps)
  • Rope pulls (20 reps)
  • Medicine ball slams (20 reps)

Day 6: Contextual Workout

Trail running for more than an hour

Day 7

Rest day

Jason Statham Boxing
Jason Statham Boxing

Jason Statham Quick Info

  • Born: 26 July 1967
  • Height: 1.78 m (5’10”)
  • Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)
  • Chest: 48”
  • Waist: 34”
  • Biceps: 18”
Jason Statham Six Pack
Jason Statham Six Pack
Jason Statham Muscles
Jason Statham Muscles

Jason Statham Workout Video

Jason Statham Diet

To get lean muscle mass and lose fat, Statham eats good healthy food including nuts, beans, fish, and chicken. He says that ninety-five percent of his diet comprises fat- and carb-free foods. However, that does not stop him from gorging on chocolates occasionally. The actor makes sure that he eats sugary and starchy foods in the daytime. This means he gets enough time to burn the extra calories off. Statham’s daily meal plan is as follows

  • Breakfast: Fresh fruits such as pineapple and strawberries, oats, poached eggs; granola/porridge in cold wintry places
  • Lunch: Brown rice, steamed vegetables, or miso soup
  • Dinner: Lean beef, chicken, fish, a vegetable/salad; he avoids eating after 7 o’clock in the evening
  • Peanut butter, nuts, or other high-protein snacks between meals
  • At least 3 liters water per day

Therefore, you can try out Jason Statham’s fitness program to kick the metabolism and lose fat fast.

Jason Statham Death Race Workout
Jason Statham Death Race Workout

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  1. I’m always trying to find the elusive combination of edibles and amounts and times for best consumption,that give me a fit feeling and look! I’m 68 years middle aged,but I feel 45! I’m going to try Jason’s food regimen,and reduce the caloric intake to 1000 Cal’s. a day,as I exercise less now adays! Thank You, Jason….You make good
    Sense,and good films!!
    Peter L.

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