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Kim Kardashian Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Body Measurements

If you are one of the tens of millions of followers that Kim Kardashian West has on Instagram and Twitter, then you are most likely aware that the 38-year-old KUWTK star is a fitness enthusiast. She has always been famous for her sculpted, hourglass body shape. Kim has made several public appearances in skintight outfits in the recent times, and her body has looked even better, a transformation for which she credits her trainer Melissa Alcantara. Here we share how Kim had successfully managed to further refine her incredible figure.

Kim Kardashian Body Measurements

Height: 5’3”; Weight: 116 lbs

Bust: 38”; Waist: 27”; Hip: 42”

Kim Kardashian Body

Kim Kardashian Workout Routine

Kim got inspired by the post-pregnancy transformation of Melissa on Instagram, and thus decided to enlist her as a personal trainer when she gained about 50 lbs, after giving birth to her second child.

So, how does Kim being a mother of three kids, a businesswoman, and an actress have time to work out in the gym? Melissa has revealed that Kim wakes up at 5 a.m. and her workout schedule starts at 6 a.m. She is super responsible and does not miss any of the early morning training sessions.

In a recent interview, Kim said that she trains one-and-a-half hour six days a week, using heavier weights. While 85% of her workout regimen comprises weight training, the other 15% involves cardio.

Kim Kardashian’s Workout

After working with Melissa for about a year, Kim reportedly lost about 20 lbs. Her workout regimen involves back and biceps, chest and triceps, as well as legs and butts exercises throughout the week, though the hamstring and booty workouts are her favorite. Moreover, a day is reserved entirely for toning her abs.

Kim Kardashian Workout

Butt Workouts

  • Walking Lunges with Dumbbells (sets: 3-4, reps: 15-20 on each leg)
  • Elevated Goblet Squats (sets: 3-4, reps: 12-20)
  • Glute Kickbacks (sets: 4-5, reps: 40-50 reps per side)
  • Bulgarian Split Squats (sets: 4, reps: 12-15 on each leg)
  • Elevated Glute Bridge (sets: 4, reps: 20)
  • Dumbbell Hamstring Curl (sets: 4, reps: 12-20)
Kim Kardashian Butt Workout

Ab Workouts

  • Lying Leg Lifts (sets: 3-4, reps: 12-20)
  • Reverse V Ups (sets: 4, reps: 12-20)
  • Bicycle Crunch with Claps (sets: 4, reps: 12-20)

Arm Workouts

  • Military Shoulder Press (sets: 5-8, reps: 10-15)
  • Barbell Bicep Curl (sets: 4, reps: 20)
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curl (sets: 4, reps: 12 per arm)

Kim Kardashian’s Diet

Aside from following a grueling fitness regime, Kim now has a meal plan that is based on the ketogenic and Atkins diet. It allows her to have healthy servings of good fat to curb her hunger pangs while cutting down her carb intake. She eats freshly cooked foods with little oil and avoids having canned or processed foods. Also, flavored salad dressing and diet pills are a strict no-no.

Kim Kardashian Before and After Weight Loss

Kim Kardashian’s Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Blueberry oatmeal pancakes, which is rich in fiber and an essential constituent of any weight-loss diet
  • Lunch: Vegetables, sweet potato, and chicken, a healthy mix of carbs and protein
  • Dinner: More vegetables and fish that gives her healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids

To stay hydrated, Kim drinks about four and a half liters of water per day.

Kim Kardashian Workout Video

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