Bodybuilding Supplements – Good or Bad? Protein Supplements Myth and Facts

By , January 3rd, 2015 | Nutrition, Supplements | 1 Comment

The Basics – What are bodybuilding supplements?

They are dietary supplements designed specifically for the purpose of building muscle, aiding weight loss or weight gain, or enhancing performance. They are popular among professional athletes and weightlifters. These supplements consist of a cocktail of nutrients, which when broken down, benefit specific areas of the body. These nutrients may include vitamins, proteins, certain special types of amino acids, and essential fatty acids; to name a few. Amino acids are the so called building blocks of protein and are beneficial for various biological processes. Different types of bodybuilding supplements come with different methods of use. When they are purchased, it is essential to understand the terms of usage. Be sure to do your homework …

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10 Healthy Breakfast Smoothie for Weight loss

By , December 24th, 2014 | Losing Weight, Nutrition | 2 Comments

Breakfast the most important meal of the day that gives us the necessary fuel to keep going throughout the day. Breakfast is also the meal that is often neglected by people who are in hurry to get started with their day. Those wanting to shed weight tend to think that skipping breakfast will aid to weight loss. However several studies have established that skipping breakfast does the contrary! Skipping breakfast contributes to weight gain and other health issues including hormonal problems, decreased cognition and so on.

The solution to this fix lies in choosing the right food that energizes the body 8 – 10 hours after the previous night’s dinner and keeps the body & mind active for the rest of …

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Things to know about Weight Loss Surgery – Costs, Complications and Effects.

By , December 16th, 2014 | Losing Weight | 1 Comment

Weeks and weeks of diet, saying no to that chocolate mousse with a heavy heart, spending long hours at the gym or jogging in the nearby park and finally getting on the scale for disappointment to take over as it shows no change from the last time. This is a familiar scenario for people who take unrelenting efforts to lose their excess body weight.

Obesity is a lifestyle health condition that is rapidly tightening its grip over people across the globe. Sedentary lifestyle, fast food and untimely eating habits are attributes of obesity which causes negative health effects such as diabetes, heart ailments, sleep apnea. Obesity is defined by taking into account, the Body Mass Index. BMI is calculated as:

BMI = …

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10 Most Popular Diets for Weight Loss

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General Motors (GM) Diet:

The General Motors Diet is considered one of the fastest and most preferred diet programs across the globe. Developed by General Motors, Inc. in 1985, it was originally intended for the exclusive use of its employees and dependents. The diet targets a loss of 10 to 17 pounds in a single week, and is often adapted as a body cleansing alternative. Along with 10 glasses of water each day, the prescribed diet is as follows:-

Day One: All fruits except bananas. This helps the system prepare itself for the significant diet change.

Day Two: All vegetables. Carbohydrate consumption is usually served by eating baked potato. The vegetables provide essential nutrients and fiber.

Day Three: A mixture of fruits and …

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Does Cannabis Oil (Marijuana oil) Cure Cancer?

By , December 7th, 2014 | Nutrition | 1 Comment

Pot, Joint, Ganja, Mary Jane – these are just some of the names for the cure for cancer, no kidding. If the internet is to be believed, the cure for cancer is here and, unfortunately, it’s not yet legal. But, the consumer in us all demands to know what is fact and what is not. So, let’s delve deeper into the subject.

man smoking marijuana

What is Cancer?

A harmful and often fatal disease which is caused by damaged cells. These damaged cells are usually replaced by new cells in a healthy body. When that doesn’t occur, the sick cells start growing uncontrollably. When such a group of cells forms masses, the mass is called …

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Can you lose weight with Green Tea – Health Benefits and Side Effects

By , November 27th, 2014 | Losing Weight, Nutrition | 3 Comments

It can easily be said that Green Tea is the most popular health fad in the recent years. Media attention with news/magazine articles on the benefits of Green Tea and fitness enthusiasts have pushed us to try Green Tea at least once or for a period of time. Benefits such as weight loss, anti-cancer effects and more have been attributed to Green Tea. World-over, the market for Green Tea continues to be on the rise. Supermarkets have many racks set aside for various brands of Green Tea that come in various flavors. At homes too, Green Tea gives strict competition to the traditional beverages of coffee and tea, becoming the preferred morning beverage among families….

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Diet Plans for Breast Cancer Patients – Foods to Prevent Breast Cancer

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Top diet ideas during breast cancer treatment

Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer begin to rethink their lifestyle including fitness and nutrition habits. Studies show that dietary habits have a strong link to breast cancer. While receiving treatment for breast cancer, women look at improving their choices of food to get better treatment outcomes and also cope well with the condition. The food we eat plays a major role in the upkeep of our immune system. By providing proper nutrition to the body, we not only prevent medical conditions from afflicting us but also provide the necessary armor for our body to fight them.

breast cancer diet plan

Foods to avoid during breast …

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John Abraham Workout Schedule and Diet Chart (Full case study)

By , October 7th, 2013 | Bulking up, Celebrities | 141 Comments

Who is John Abraham? John is a model, Indian film actor and influential sex symbols in India.  He has inspired many young Indians on Fitness. He has put up lot of effort for one of his recent movies called Force. Analyzing the body type of John Abraham, he comes under ecto-mesomorph. The body type can easily fluctuate between lean and muscular. They tend to have broad shoulders, narrow waists, ankles, and wrists, and a “V” shape of the torso. Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Dwayne Wade are examples of ecto-mesomorphs. In about 8 months, John has transformed from a lean to very muscular from 85kg to 96kgs.

male body types

Increasing the Carbohydrate & …

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Farhan Akhtar Workout Schedule and Diet Chart for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (Full case study)

By , July 26th, 2013 | Celebrities | 26 Comments

Farhan Akhtar, another inspiring bollywood actor who has completely transformed his look into a lean body muscle with full dedication for the movie Bhaag milkha bhaag (run milkha run). The movie is about a world champion runner and Olympian Milkha Singh who is India’s most iconic athletes. Achieving an athletic body type needs lot of hard work and determination. Bulking up or reducing can be done easily when compared to the athletic type of body that requires lot of training and strict eating schedule. What is the major point in achieving the athletic type of body? You need to follow hard training, cardio exercises, and clean diet to start shredding the fat. This will help you to expose your muscles….

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Best Abs Exercises for Men & Women (Workout Videos)

By , March 13th, 2013 | Abs workouts, For Women | 1 Comment

Today we are going to watch, learn some of the best abs exercises for men at home. Not only men, both men and women can try out these best ab workout without equipment and you can do at home. For men this can make some improvements to get six packs or whoever is trying to lose some belly fat. Women who’re looking out for some best abs exercise post pregnancy to reduce belly and bring it to flat abs can also get benefitted.

Can I do abs workout every day?

For weight training men and women, you need at least 48 hours between abs workouts. For people trying to reduce belly fat, you can do abs workout daily. Truth is, the …

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