Leg Raises

What is a Leg Raise

The leg raises are a collection of popular strength-gaining exercises that target your interior hips and work on your abdominal muscles to enhance their endurance and size. These exercises involve lifting your legs as high as possible through a complete range of motion but may also be done through a partial range of motion. Leg raises allow you to move only your hip joints and use the abdominal muscles to stabilize your spine.

What Muscles do they Work

  • Abdominals
  • Hip Flexors
  • Internal and External Obliques


  • Leg Raises help tone your abs, improve balance, and increase your physical attractiveness.
  • By improving your fitness, these exercises aid in reducing the risks of chronic diseases including heart diseases and diabetes.
  • They work the adductor and abductor muscles and thus help tone your thighs.
  • These exercises are used by beginners to develop core strength before doing more complex exercises.

How to do

Follow the steps given in the image below to perform the exercise properly.

Leg Raises

Types of Leg Raises

See the proper form of the different types by clicking the following links:

  1. Hanging
  2. Lying (with variations like single, double, and weighted leg raises)
  3. Side (standing)
  4. Roman Chair
  5. Donkey
  6. Reverse Stability Ball
  7. Decline
  8. Incline
  9. Plank (with variations such as lateral leg raises)

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