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What are Donkey Leg Raises (Donkey Kicks), How to do, Variations

By , January 14th, 2018 | Back workouts | 0 Comments

What are Donkey Leg Raises (Donkey Kicks)

Donkey leg raises or commonly called donkey kicks are different glute-strengthening exercises, which when performed with the correct form will ensure that you have a sculpted thigh, firm butt, and toned calves. Both men and women can integrate these exercises into their regular workout regimen. As the name suggests, the movements performed throughout the exercise are similar to the animal’s kick.

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How to do Flat Dumbbell Press (Dumbbell Bench Press)

By , January 12th, 2018 | Chest workouts | 0 Comments

What is Flat Dumbbell Press (Dumbbell Bench Press)

The dumbbell bench press or flat dumbbell press is arguably one of the most popular gym exercises used for complete chest development. When incorporated into a training regimen, it is usually performed in combination with barbell press since it helps you develop your whole pectoral and shoulder region, giving you a muscular and balanced chest.

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What are Standing Oblique Crunches, How to do, Muscles Worked

By , January 10th, 2018 | Abs workouts | 0 Comments

What are Standing Oblique Crunches (Side Crunches)

Standing oblique crunches, also popular as side crunches, are effective abdominal exercises that target your oblique muscles performed by assuming a standing position. While you may add these exercises in your daily abs workout regimen, you may also use them as alternatives to the oblique crunches on the floor. These oblique crunches are ideal for athletes, dancers, and fitness enthusiasts who want to tone and sculpt their core muscles.

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Seated Hammer Curls: What is it, How to do, Benefits

By , November 28th, 2017 | Bicep workouts | 1 Comment

The seated hammer curl, a variation of the traditional hammer curl, is an isolation exercise that helps you develop size and strength of your arms. It is an effective workout for reaching each part of your biceps in one smooth motion. If you have a pair of dumbbells, it can be easily performed just about anywhere.

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Cross Body Hammer Curl: How to do, Benefits, Muscles Worked

By , November 26th, 2017 | Bicep workouts | 0 Comments

Cross body hammer curl, also called the cross chest hammer curl, is a muscle-strengthening exercise which targets your biceps. Gym trainees usually perform it in combination with other biceps and triceps workouts for an overall development of their forearms.

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Smith Machine Bench Press: What is it, How to do, Is it Good

By , November 24th, 2017 | Chest workouts | 0 Comments

The smith machine bench press is a variation of the traditional barbell bench press performed on a specialized weight training gym equipment, called the smith machine. Many gyms provide smith machine to the trainees, which help in performing squats and presses thereby increasing strength in the shoulders, triceps, and chest.

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Reverse Grip Bench Press: How to do, Muscles Worked, Other Forms

By , November 22nd, 2017 | Chest workouts | 0 Comments

When it comes to filling out your upper chest, there is no better way than performing the reverse grip bench press exercise. Doing this workout involves holding the weight using an underhand grip, which helps in targeting the pectoral muscles to a greater degree than traditional bench presses.

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Incline Bench Press: How to do, Benefits, Forms, Muscles Worked

By , November 20th, 2017 | Chest workouts | 0 Comments

Incline bench press is a popular bodybuilding exercise that helps you develop a broad, muscular chest, which is the hallmark of a champion bodybuilder. This body part indeed requires extra attention because building your chest imparts a sturdy look and enhances the muscular impressiveness of the whole physique.

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Close Grip Lat Pulldown: Muscles Worked, Alternative Form, Benefits

By , November 18th, 2017 | Back workouts | 0 Comments

The close grip lat pulldown, also known as close grip front lat pulldown, is an effective compound exercise that not just hits your lats but also increases strength throughout your entire back. It assists in emphasizing your middle back while the close-grip position is useful for increasing your elbow’s range of motion. A common belief among gym goers is that the narrow grip lat pulldown is more beneficial for your arms as compared to the wide grip, which is more of a lat workout.

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How to Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: Muscles Worked, Alternative Form

By , November 16th, 2017 | Back workouts | 0 Comments

A classic bodybuilding exercise, the wide grip lat pulldown is a variation of the traditional lat pulldown that helps you build upper body strength. It involves a vertical pulling movement commonly practiced on back days. The workout, performed with a cable machine, uses a wide-grip position that is beneficial for building your lats thereby helping in broadening your shoulders. It is also useful for reducing the resistance on your forearms and biceps.

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